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Wednesday, 13 January 2016

10 Tips For Choosing Your Health Insurance

As private medicine it has been growing over recent years, and more and more insurers that sell private health insurance, it is sometimes difficult to discern what the health insurance policy that best fits our needs.
To ease this task, here we present some tips that can serve as a guide when choosing your health care policy.

What should I consider when hiring my health insurance?

  •     Decide what you want hiring mode 

In private health insurance, there are several ways that we need to know in order to choose the one that best suits our needs:

  •     Medical staff: In this mode you can choose the doctor or clinic you want within those concluded by the insurer freely.
  •     Reimbursement of expenses: You can see a doctor you want without having to check whether it is included in the medical staff, and the insurer will reimburse a percentage of the bill you've paid. This percentage will be agreed before contracting the policy.
  •     Mixed: In this mode have two options, either choose the doctor you want and you repay a percentage of the invoice, or choose a doctor or clinic in Table Medical insurance without making any payment. 

  •     Check if the insurance is private insurance specialist 

Although there are many companies working the field of health and market this type of policy, not all companies have the same level of expertise, so before hiring your health insurance private insurance company finds that:

  •     He has extensive experience in the sector
  •     It has a wide range of doctors and clinics
  •     Provides global emergency assistance
  •     It is responsive in cases not provided 

  •     Check whether the insurer offers additional services in their private health insurance 

It is also important to know whether the insurer offers you complementary services related to healthy habits such as: access to alternative medicines, health care services, fitness center or spa at special prices, health magazines, website with tips, etc. ...

  •     Check that the medical staff of the insurer guarantees supporting quality 

You can check if the medical staff of your private health insurance is proven quality, checking for professionals in the table appearing prestige.

  •     Check the quality of medical care centers and hospitals 

You should check if the private health insurance the insurer offers, has in its centers with a good level of attendance, facilities and medical equipment.

  •     Check acts as insurance in case you make frequent use of medical services 

The best way to ensure that your insurance will not cast you to make frequent use of certain is that this attached to the guide of good practices in CONTRATACON HEALTH INSURANCE. It diseases that are not cause for termination of the contract and the commitment not to terminate contracts for insured over 65 is collected.

  •     Quick and easy access to the authorization service 

You should check if they offer telephone or Internet for authorization of medical tests or health counseling services.

  •     Check if you include dental services for free 

Insurers including private health insurance some dental service, we guarantee a cheaper rates when required to go to the dentist.

  •     Check the degree of solvency of the insurer 

It is very important to check this information by checking if the insurer is part of a world leading group in the sector of private health insurance, or if on the contrary, is a small local company.

  •     Rate humane treatment and the insurance service 

If an insurer is facing humanely or not, he is perceived immediately by observing the treatment you get and the quality of service. 
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