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Wednesday, 13 January 2016

10 Tips for good passenger on a motorcycle

Although they have wheels and engine, a motorcycle and a car are neither similar, you look where you look. And while passengers of a car can be a snack, throw a nap, watch a movie or howl endlessly (which is not recommended and we hope that only happens in creatures less than two years), the work of a passenger motorcycle is-almost as important as the driver himself must do all we can to save you paperwork with bike insurance, so here goes. "The Decalogue of good Package" (not applicable to the post office or MBE ):

  1.     When we pack on the bike we can not go with squeamishness: we must squeeze (a widely used technique to lend more than necessary). But the truth is that we place the driver approaching the center of gravity closer to where it should be without a passenger, and is much more stable.
  2.     Paste the body does not mean giving a header whenever there is a traffic light. You have to keep the distance between the hulls tilting her head, and also enjoyed motorcycle trip over.
  3.     The quiet hands, ranging bread. We should never put your hands on the shoulders of the pilot, because we convey absolutely all our movements. And hey, if you want to lead you, drive your own bike. Good places to cast their hands are around the waist of the pilot or on deposit, but it is important to try to maintain the forward position.
  4.     But beware, forward above the driver does not mean that koala breeding. It is riding a bike, not to become a ball of leather.
  5.     If we are the parcel, it means that we do not drive, therefore, let him make the person concerned. It is important not believe us and let Dani Pedrosa is the rider who leads the movements of the bike. It is better to remain very still and not disturb, to try to accompany the movements of enthusiasm spend and end all over the floor.
  6.     Be careful driving to prepare before accelerating, braking, cornering, lights ... and so prevent the pilot feel like I have a lagartijilla turning in the back.
  7.     Although we take the apolladito ass in the comfortable seat of a flagrant bike, the weight must always load foot (but need not appear to suffer from hemorrhoids, we can sit).
  8.     With the helmet is absolutely nothing happens, so stop trying. It is best and remember a code with the pilot before montaros on the bike, as two pats on the back if you need to stop (Sencillito things, there is a need for depth review of sign language)
  9.     Wait till they give you permission to get on the bike, because if you do not warn the driver and guard pilláis, most likely acabéis both on the ground, including bike (important for those who are especially awkward recommendation).
  10.     And last but not least important, very careful with mounted package on the bike from someone you do not know. First Take a beer with him / her (yours without alcohol, of course) and make sure it's someone in you can trust. Riding a bike is a very dangerous thing, and you're playing a lot more paperwork with insurance. 

And with that and a biscuit, you will be the best motorcycle riding. Keep in mind these recommendations to assist the driver in driving, and if you want to make another favor, recomendadle insurancerise.com to hire the best bike insurance . So you will enjoy the trip, the company, and tranquility. 
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