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Wednesday, 13 January 2016

5 Tips For Choosing a Health Insurance

When all goes well and live a quiet life not thinking about the possible contingencies that may arise.

Therefore, to live better and quieter is important to choose a good insurance that covers our needs and those of our family.

5 Tips For Choosing a Health Insurance

Surely you've ever raised in an insurance or changing you already have, if so, will interest these 5 tips for choosing a health insurance:

  1.     Search an insurance company that has enough experience in health care and to offer a wide choice of professionals and own hospitals or concerted
  2.     Double check the coverage offered and includes supplementary insurance as accidents, compensation for hospitalization or illness, compensation for surgery if takes over travel expenses and transfers, etc.
  3.     Choose a safe that has no penalty system and allow you to go to several specialists in the same month and if necessary perform tests without problems
  4.     Dentistry: most insurers already offer free consultations, but others take over 50% of the costs for the most common treatments and exclusive orthodontic, prostheses, implants, etc.
  5.     Search low waiting periods, as some companies offer grace periods during which you do not have access to services such as surgery, childbirth or some expensive medical tests. This is done to avoid "picaresque" to purchase health insurance only to cover a timely surgical intervention. 

What do you think is most important when choosing insurance? 
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