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Wednesday, 13 January 2016

Academic Stress Also Part Of Your Health

Stress is nothing more than a mechanism for mental health, is what you use your body to get your attention and let you know that you have to prepare for something important. The problem usually comes when we call nature, and we continue with our lives without stopping to think that it is one day less to the test. This situation repeated throughout three long months schooldays, things start to get worse and that's when we have the first crises of academic stress, because indeed we realize we should have begun to study the first time that our body told us what . But I say, even having reached this point, no solution.

Dads and moms

If you have a creature that is in these circumstances that do not panic, there are some things you can do to help combat academic stress:

  •     Check one hand to clear. The human brain is like a machine, can not always be fully operational. Get even a walk of 15 minutes and that is cleared, so that when I get to sit at the notes have batteries charged.
  •     Always have about black chocolate in your fridge. The black chocolate combating cortisol, a hormone that is directly related to stress. A shot of cocoa and watch the body relaxes.
  •     Do not push yourself too hard. Most of the time the stress is caused by the fear of not meeting expectations, own or others. Nobody knows better than you how far, do not let him sleep, but also did not bogged down with the notes to take, it can backfire and reduce performance.
  •     Feeds self-esteem. Another of the causes of stress before exams is the belief that students are not going to be able to pull it off. Make him believe in himself so that he feels safe. 

Wretched students

  •     Learn to planificarte. The stress will not attack you if you organize and you're facing the study gradually. You know, divide and conquer-the apuntes-.
  •     Enjoy nerves. Working under pressure helps keep us active. Learn to control your nerves and do not let stress cloud you, use it to your advantage to keep the mind awake.
  •     Take a break. In the middle of the marathon stoicism of study you all notes in three days think the book away any time is wasted time. Error. Let your brain rest, take a walk, listen to music, relax. Away all your mind and with it, stress leave. 

But of course, do not ask miracles, we are very near Christmas. No pain, no gain, and no study, no approved. So to study, but with restraint. And to enjoy approved, and now another without restrictions.

If you want to help your small-or large- overcome their exams, protects their health and help them combat academic stress. And to stay still quieter, hires the Health Insurance of Lapó, take care of you and your family so that only you may have to worry about what is really important. 
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