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Wednesday, 13 January 2016

General tips for driving in snow

Last winter we gave you the steps so you could put the chains on your vehicles with our article How to put snow chains where you have an infographic to aprendieseis to put the chains in five easy steps. So this winter will continue with the same line and tell you to give consider to drive in winter safely.

Driving is a complex task, and to do it well need to be experienced and wise, but to climatic and environmental factors such as winter driving the car may be more difficult than usual because it requires more attention and have more care. always we look after your security and more when you take the car, so we want to get noticed how important it is to prevent rather than having to regret.

The greatest danger is winter are the rainfall, which, if it is very cold, can be shaped and snow may have to drive a number of complications:

Poor visibility:

When it snows visibility is reduced, as that fog, so we must slow down depending on the visibility, so if necessary we can stop the car within the area that is visible so we have time to react and braking.

Poor adherence:

When colder it gets colder the air is, so it makes it worse grip the asphalt. If this occurs the braking distance can be increased by up to ten times in the worst case.

Given these complications we give you some guidelines so you can deal with them. Keep reading!

What to do with the car when it snows:

If there is little snow, circle or chains, which try to travel on virgin snow is avoiding as far as possible the areas where they see that there are other brands of vehicles.

The wipers are your best friends

And the lighting of the car; at least at least turn on the parking lights and crossing, and, if you have them, also front fog lights. If the snow is very intense also it turns the rear.

Increase the safety distance:

As I have already indicated when discussing adherence must care for the safety distance, when braking distance increases, do not be that due to bad weather put at risk your safety.
Gently when driving:

Do not be rude, especially on curves careful and turn the steering wheel gently to prevent the car from sliding on the road, there is a skating rink and you can put yourself at risk to yourself and others as the car with snow tour less and worse than it usually turns.

Try brands are the longest possible:

As long as this is compatible with the moderate speed course you indicated earlier, but a long march will make the possibility of slipping and skidding wheels is reduced.

Avoid pulling the brake:

It is best to stick with that softness and exploit the engine brake to go gradually slowing with the motor resistance, because if it stops suddenly and abruptly with snow could block the wheels and the car sliding on the road losing control vehicle.

If it snows a lot is better not follow driving:

If the point where the snow was too high could also increase the risk, low damage your vehicle, so it is preferable to park in a safe place and contact the emergency services will be given to give instructions to follow.

As you see everything is a matter of assessment and foresight to get ahead of what might happen. So now you know: when snow if you're taking the car keep in mind the guidelines given and put them into practice. But if you also want to have a team of professionals to ensure you, rain or snow, hire your car insurance and let them take care of you and your car as you deserve. 
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