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Wednesday, 13 January 2016

Health and pollution: how they affect our cities berets?

After the steps taken last week in the city of Madrid due to high levels of pollution with which we had, this week the good news is a drop in pollution levels. Since we have the power to guess when there will be another spike in the levels of air pollution from want to give you some information to try to raise awareness of this fact.

In large cities the high levels of pollution are caused by the use of heating, motor vehicles, boats ... whose combustion processes for energy release the nitrogen dioxide particles that pollute the atmosphere.

This dirt we breathe has short- and long-term, finding the main victims of the weakest sectors of the population, such as children, the elderly and people who are already ill.

In the short term, individuals who are exposed to high levels of pollution may experience increased risk of developing an acute respiratory illness on the type of pneumonia, bronchitis; or chronic, as the dreaded cancer. We are not only at risk for respiratory diseases, we also run the risk of cardiovascular disease.

If we want more specifics on those affected to such contamination, the World Health Organization has estimated that the number of people who die due to high levels of urban pollution are 1.3 million.

Due to the increased use of cars that have an outdated and highly polluting combustion system, it is estimated that the total nitrogen dioxide is sent into the atmosphere between 25% and 70%.

What we try our best to reduce pollution levels and avoid all the evils caused by it are the use of public transport, cycling and use legs to walk ... in the latter cases we would benefit all collectively the lowering of pollution levels; and individually by improved cardiovascular system from the use of their legs.

In a long period of time cities should study the sources of air pollution in order to implement different policies to ensure controlled levels allowing victims lowering pollution. Since we promote the use of public transport to improve our health. That and look at our multitarificador where you get the best rates on health insurance. 
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