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Wednesday, 13 January 2016

Health is fashionable!

In we are convinced that l Fitsters-fashion-healthy as fashions change, they evolve, disappear. And then again. They always come back. And then what you get is those tacky which we have criticized in the closet of our fathers, and suddenly everybody loves.

Luckily, today what it takes - plus larger medium shaved hairs and holes that own ears is healthy living. Sweaty gym clothes and meals of lettuce are now trend!

Straight out of the gym: the fitsters

Among all the varied range of urban tribes, subcultures and styles that have developed in recent times (see: yuccies, muppies, flexetarianos, fofisanos) and most believe that it is insulting in another language, they are being erected with the fitsters much force. And normally they do so strongly, because life is spent in the gym pulling muscle.

But what kind of crazy couch and change the blanket of a rainy afternoon to leave the park to run in the cold? As more people than it might seem, if by madness we mean the search for a healthy lifestyle, healthy habits and exercise . But is not it even more crazy to stay on the couch feeding fat from our arteries?

Experts all

Practitioners of this new movement in the making, besides taking care their power to achieve an enviable physical, worry about the nutritional aspects of their diet. Go on to become a true expert in physiological and metabolic issues. No one knows better than them all the secrets of our body, sports, and social networks! Because honestly, what good suffer endless hours in the gym cultivating a body that no one will see? Nobody wears well and a pulse check with weights without the pic of rigor.

At the forefront of fashion

Also because the fitsters have created a style that defines them and sets them apart from other tribes: the sportswear. Ajustadísimas tights, slippers at the latest, culottes, minitops and above all, a lot of skin. That is the key to belong to this movement that is spreading like wildfire and that is plaguing networks motivational messages, tips and much encouragement for all to unite their cause. And remember: the secret is that you always seem to just sports, but what you were doing was a nap!

But if they get tights and go to sweat a little in the park look like a proposal too risky, hire our health insurance , and follows the trend of the easiest! Because you know, health is fashionable, and, too. 
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