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Wednesday, 13 January 2016

How do I put my baby in my health insurance?

Having a child is an experience that changes our lives we have all gone through it. After nine months of pregnancy, months of care, eat well and set aside many of your habits for the sake of your baby reaches the expected time of delivery. This is where the concerns begin. To save most of them today we've written this article with the requirements to register your child on your health insurance .

In all cases described below must complete an application for health insurance for the baby, as long as the birth occurred in a clinic of the insurer. If not, the health insurance application must be added a questionnaire that will be conducted by the hospital where the birth occurred. In any case, it is where they are born the youngest of the family, all professionals will help you with the paperwork for the newborn also enjoy your health insurance.


In order to register a newborn with "all rights" in health insurance Sanitas must meet the following requirements:

If the assistance of the biological mother is made ​​under the insurance Sanitas of which she is insured, the baby may be included in the policy with all its rights when the high of the mother in the insurance policy has taken effect with the least 365 days before the birth. For this, the policyholder must inform the insurer Sanitas, that fact within 30 calendar days of the date of birth, by filling in an application for health insurance. If done properly you discharge the baby gets all Vested (both old and eliminating pre-existing).

In any case, the Sanitas health insurance will cover health care only newborn long as it is registered as insured in the insurance company. If the baby communicates high after the said period will be necessary to complete the health questionnaire and Sanitas may refuse admission.


If the assistance of the mother in childbirth is performed under the health insurance SegurCaixa Adeslas of which that was ensured, newborn children are entitled to be included in the policy of the mother from the moment of birth. To do this, the policyholder must notify Health SegurCaixa Adeslas that fact within 15 calendar days from the date of discharge of the newborn and a maximum period of 30 calendar days after the date the baby is born, by Completion of an application for health insurance. High communicated in term retroactive effects to the date of birth, period not apply higher than missing the mother consume lack. If the high newborn communicates after the said period will be necessary to complete the Health Questionnaire and the Insurer may refuse admission in health insurance. In any case, the insurance will cover health care to the baby during the first thirty calendar days of life, ending the coverage by such time, if it has not applied for pursuant to high.


In the case of newborns, children of mother assured necessarily guaranteed with full service delivery by the Allianz company, coverage is immediate, the baby must be included in health insurance within a period not exceeding seven days date of birth. The effective date of the policy shall be the same as the date of birth. Not sure the newborn in the aforementioned period, coverage is automatically and immediately suspended, being in charge of the Policyholder any expenses incurred by the newborn from the date of his birth, the Insurer not being forced to pay any incident involving his son.


Newborns may be discharged from the health insurance policy of the mother long as it is secured CASER a minimum period of eight months, delivery has been carried out under the insurance CASER, and request baby discharged within a maximum period of 15 days from birth through the corresponding health insurance application.

Otherwise, admission of the newborn will be subject to compliance with the conditions set by Caser insurance and can be applied lack regular periods, proper exclusions or refusal of discharge request. In any case, Caser cover health care for the newborn as long as it registered as secured in health insurance; your child will have the best conditions at birth.


In this Fiatc health insurance is included, if necessary, stay in neonatal incubator. It also includes baby stay during the required period, Units Resuscitation and Intensive Care. The company limits the coverage of health insurance until discharge date determined by the physician of the entity responsible for the assistance. In this insurance policy are included the cost of assistance to newborns.


In the Generali insurance company they may be incorporated into the Health Insurance newborns from the moment of his birth, provided that the child's mother has been discharged in the sure at least eight months before birth. Otherwise, the time of incorporation of baby health insurance will output high medical center where the birth is attended, completed the application process and acceptance.

We know that in such a special is to have a child, time is very hard not to think of the newborn, so it is important that you be informed of all venatajas protection and assistance to enjoy your baby before time of delivery. And to help prospective parents in the choice of health insurance, all options are on the comparator Health Insurance . 
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