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Wednesday, 13 January 2016

How to swim to avoid back problems

Being fit is very important for health, but knowing what type of exercise you should do is more important since it is not like one another, and the type of sport, as there are sports load where the body should be in pressure to perform exercise and other discharge where the body instead of charge each year releases and relaxes.

One of those sports relaxation is swimming, highly recommended in general by doctors as one of the most complete and healthy sports there ... but it is not gold that glitters: sport can help prevent or improve injury but you have to know how to do them well.

Swimming is based on different styles and therefore, depending on the type of problem espalada you have, you must do one or the other. For example, one of the hardest styles of swimming and that nothing is recommended if you have a problem back is the butterfly, and that the position to be acquired to realize it generates a curvature of the spine that is not at all beneficial and also (and especially if not done the right way), can generate injuries in the so-called rotator cuff, which is the group of muscles and tendons that give stability to the shoulder.

We are going to have, by type of back problems that you have, what exercises are good and which could cause you more harm:

Problems in the cervical

If you have this problem style crawl, back and breaststroke especially recommended. The style of breaststroke especially help your back in case you need to correct some type of injury. Regarding l front crawl in these cases you can swim with their heads out and back with the chin close to your chest to keep your back straight and help improve hyperlordosis (increased curvature of the spine that can affect the area cervical, thoracic or lumbar).
If you suffer hyperkyphosis

Hyperkyphosis is increased anterior concavity of the spine, so we recommend you to swim front crawl but only his head out, do not dive, to avoid that there is a (better known as whiplash whiplash, that is when an injury to the soft tissues of the neck following a sudden jerking or "sudden movement" of the head) occurs. In these cases it is also recommended to swim back but with the chin away from the breast.

If you suffer from some kind of lumbar pathology

In these cases it is advisable to swim front crawl with her ​​head in. If for example suffer lumbar lordosis styles that should prevail in your exercise are the back and breaststroke vertical to prevent sudden and unnecessary movements.

With shoulder problems

If you suffer from shoulder problems forget the crawl and back and focus on the breaststroke, that is the exercise that will help strengthen the muscles around the shoulder and also prevent force it while you train.

We hope sorry taken a hand to those back problems, but we remind you that the best way to protect it is by hiring a health insurance that you can diagnose early any type of health problem and help you treat it. Since will help you with it when you need it, and advise you before, during and after hiring your insurance, so if you want to get the best health shielding contact us, we will help thrilled. 
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