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Wednesday, 13 January 2016

Learn the difference between robbery, burglary and theft insurance for your home

Robbery, burglary and theft. Most of us can have a vague idea of ​​what these concepts, but in claiming compensation for our home insurance covers that we must know our policy. For this reason it is important to know the difference between them not to take an unpleasant surprise in the future. From poliza.com let's take a little light on these concepts so you do not take a scare when claiming your home insurance.


To insulate the personal property of an individual through intimidation or inflict violence on it is called robbery. We can give as an example the theft of a watch in the street by threatening to produce a weapon. In the case of robbery most home insurance cover personal items stolen and would take care of the potential economic loss that could have been taken during the robbery.


Theft can be confused with the robbery but have a fundamental difference. While in the robbery bullying or any kind of violence used in the theft of goods being removed without using any violence or intimidation occurs. A clear example can be given in a bar where a guy leaves his coat over the bar, ignoring it and giving rise to a more clever individual to take ownership of the same. The insured incurs a staff negligence, so that home insurance does not cover this type of "deviations".


For subtraction theft needs to be called in objects force occurs. The most frequent thefts usually occur in homes where thieves gain entry into the house forcing doors, windows ... In holiday season, in which households are usually several empty days is when a greater number of robberies occur .

As always we recommend that all warranties and coverages home insurance covers employed to avoid possible future confusion is carefully studied.

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