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Wednesday, 13 January 2016

Lice: how to fight

Surely you've heard of them, are the fears of parents and teachers. The dreaded lice move from one head to another very easily, have accompanied us all in our childhood, who does not remember? And above all, what parent has not happened?

Today we will talk to them and give you some secrets for you to fight in the event that your child's lame. Show them in the head can not stay!

Some clarifications

Require a clean hair:

The first thing is to note that, contrary to what many people believe, lice have not spread by poor hygiene. This can become a taboo subject in many schools and parents often judge Children when it is precisely the opposite which makes us want to live lice and lice, that we need to live a clean hair.

They are spread quickly:

It is normal throughout her school children from getting lice on several occasions, since it is not that once you have caught and can not take anymore (chickenpox type), no, these bugs whenever They can take the opportunity to live in their heads. S ccording to the Ministry of Health between 5 and 14% of school children have lice during the course.

There all year

There are some seasonal as many people believe, but can infect our heads throughout the year, especially now that more and more resistant to the chemicals used to fight them.

Main symptoms

Besides being able to see the bugs running around the hair or nits in the root if there is a little digs physical symptoms such as itching and irritation of the scalp. This comes from the saliva of the parasite, as well as their constant trips our head. You can also generate small wounds and irritant dermatitis can reach up infections due to injuries from lice.

What to do when lice are discovered

As soon as you realize that your child has lice acts to fight, but always calm, do not panic you nor will you be alarmed him and that is also nothing too serious and children may be frightened.

The first thing you should do is tell, do not lie because you have to use some time to kill lice and children are very clever, so I explain it so you know what you have, always gently and dismissively, as soon it will pass.

Of course you must act immediately, as you realize, to eliminate as soon as reproduce easily and quickly contagias well.

How to act

The main thing is to remove the parasites manually with lendrero comb strand by strand. Do not panic if you also remove nits (lice eggs attached to the hair) you get a live louse. This process must do it daily until they are completely eliminated.

This operation will add specific treatments you can find in pharmacies and should apply following the product instructions. We recommend you start with less aggressive treatments yes, it gives bad luck, that take several times treatments continue taking effect as if it will not create resistance and is very difficult to remove them.

Home remedies

Other methods are lifetime: a part of the specific products you can use vinegar washes to help disengage the nits from the hair, plus it this way will create a hostile environment for the parasite, so it will be easier to remove .

Also among those methods that have passed from generation to generation also include infusions of parsley, which help repel and kill parasites as well as take some drops called tea tree oil in the shampoo.

To prevent infection

When cases of lice best to avoid infection is to wash personal clothing and bed more than 50 degrees, wash combs and brushes in boiling water 10 to 15 minutes vacuuming furniture and carpets if one has escaped from the head. Do it all for a couple of days in case, since lice do not usually live longer than 48 hours outside the head.

We hope have helped you if your child or someone in your family has or gets lice from now on. In addition we recommend that you always have someone to ask any questions you may have, so if you want a team of professionals who can help you in any situation now contracted health insurance and save yourself worries. 
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