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Thursday, 14 January 2016

The pacifier prevents sudden death

The pacifier protects against sudden infant death

Sudden infant death usually happens before six months of age. The months of more "risk" are two to three months. There are indications that nine out of ten children who die

sudden death are less than six months.

Although when it comes to sudden infant death we refer to the first year of life, it is difficult to find cases in the first month and from the sixth.

There are many theories about the sudden death but they are only theories because its cause is still unknown because none of these theories has been scientifically proven yet. What we found are factors associated to its occurrence and factors that protect against sudden infant death.

It has nothing to sudden infant death sudden death of the sportsman or adult. While in the latter two cases can occur both as sleeping awake, the infant only occurs when the child is sleeping, never when the child is awake.

Because of some mechanism that is not yet possible to explain, among children who use pacifiers reduces the risk of sudden death, especially when the child used a pacifier during sleep either at night or during naps.

It has always been related to the pacifier with some difficulty for the child make breastfeeding continuously if it is administered at too early an age. Therefore, it is not advisable to use a pacifier before the first month of a baby's life and if we think of the pacifier as a mechanism of protection against sudden death, we mentioned that during the first month of life is very rare to find cases Baby affected by this.
In addition, among the various points so it is very important that the child continue breastfeeding, note that this protects the baby against sudden death.

Factors associated with sudden infant death

There is a false belief that to prevent sudden infant death is advisable to sleep on your side. It is not true, because the baby is sleeping so unstable and any uncontrolled movement can again face down, making sudden death.
There are also people who think that if the baby sleeps on his stomach with his head cocked are protecting against potential choking on vomit. Nor is it true as vomiting baby sleeping face down are more likely to drown than face up. However, it is still unknown and has not been proven that sleeping on your stomach favors sudden death while sleeping on the back protects the baby.

Other factors associated with sudden infant death as:

  • - The mother smoking during pregnancy
  • - The baby sleep on quilts
  • - The baby to sleep between skins
  • - The baby sleep in bed with their parents, especially if they have the "heavy" sleep.

Recommendations to prevent sudden infant death

If you are a smoker mother, if you can, stop smoking during pregnancy, your own health will thank you and your son also, if breastfeeding does not offer you will pacifier to your baby try to catch it from the first month especially in their sleep and finally prevents your baby sleep in the same bed with you and also prevents sleep on soft surfaces too.
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