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Thursday, 14 January 2016

Tips for buying a used car

Buying a used car always brings a lot of trouble. Unless you buy it someone very reliable (and you've seen is the car) generally arise many doubts about whether there will be any deception or problem the car that the seller does not want to tell.

Obviously the interests of the seller and buyer are opposites but that discussion is not a used car is an alternative that helps save money, as long as they choose clear, we know that sometimes you get what expensive.

So the first thing to impose before buying is a review in which you ensure that the vehicle is well. Today we wanted to give you some guidance and tell you what you should look to make sure we make the best possible choice.

First of all: Important details

The model car is important: What is the one you want The first step to find out if the model you want is right is to ask friends and acquaintances for their vehicles, to know if we would advise or if they have them problems.

If you have already chosen (you have requested opinion or not) be sure to look for information on the specific model and always consult the dealer as ordered the vehicle being new in order to have a benchmark figure and make sure that you do not lie. You also have to look in the gazette the value of the car used to compare prices and whether compensated or not buy.

Step Two: Documentation

Obviously you do not ever buy a car that does not have their documentation in order, so the next thing to do is see you have all the necessary papers. Put special attention to be paid tax and who has paid the Vehicle Inspection (ITV). In addition you can also request a report that you can not be denied for information on incidents and vehicle inspections, taxes and whence (to make sure the vehicle does not have fines or seizures).

Among the highlights is the book documents reviews, very important because it will determine the overall condition of the vehicle being purchased. Through this you will see the age of the vehicle as it marks how long it takes in circulation and check the mileage that marks the odometer is the actual (very important to avoid getting the sneaking as much as 12% of used vehicles I have rigged hand) and see if it has been properly maintained. All official revisions in this document, however it may not be just records, this should not worry because the driver may have led to a trusted workshop.

Step Three: State of vehicle

Note that it is aesthetically well but without getting pulled into it, because although the car is in perfect condition outside is inside what interests us, because it is where the car mechanically must work properly.


It recalls that is second hand, does not have to be spotless ... Moreover, d esconfía if you have too shiny or where the change in tone paint or texture, areas because they may conceal an accident.

When in doubt of course take action yourself and be sure that everything is good itself: take a magnet and bring it within the body, if it sticks it is fine but if you do not you may have putty to repair the area. Yet especially worry if you find any dent is greater than six centimeters.

Looking save look money that the car does not have scratches or cracks, along with dents or signs of corrosion ... everything seems small in body you can then get out at a very high price in the workshop, so keep that in mind when to negotiate the price of the vehicle, because it may not be worthwhile.


Look, no scrapes or scratches (or as few as possible), which is not bad set or hook, and there are no breakages or missing material. Also if you know a lot of the brand and model and you can not seem sure to be an original piece and that have not done any painting repairs damage caused.

Moons and mirrors:

The crystals should not have cracks or be taken down, so should look out for good. You should also be very careful with bites as if they are very big need to change the moon. You also need to pay attention to everything is within the legal framework, for example, with no front tinted moons.

Vehicle Interior:

It is important that the pedals for wear, the belts slide correctly and interior trim that is best (not smell bad, have no burns or stains that can spoil).


Fundamental review before purchasing the car to see that they have not lost grip in any of the four wheels as if so will replace expensive. To make sure they are not worn look at the drawing of the wheel is not irregular or is very erased, also should see if the wear is uneven or not, because if it is, it may be due to a coup that deviated cushioning; therefore see that the flanks are not distorted and that the pressure is correct. Look at q ue not have cracks or crevices.

The tire also helps to know the use of the vehicle on the edge since the date of manufacture appears and if you have just a few years but is worn is a good sign, as it indicates that the vehicle has hardly been used.

Street address:

You must look at the steering wheel lock, look out that there is no slack or excessive hardness and the steering wheel is fixed correctly and that there are no noises or mechanical steering or assisted.

The car should be stabilized beam to check pressure in each of the corners of the vehicle and check that no rare crackles as if everything is as it should body should return to its original position without any rebound.


Last but not least, you should make sure that the brakes do not give any problems, so play them, if not perceive any steps is that they are, but if they have to change. You should also pay attention to the brake pedal: if it sinks too much or makes noise is not good and does not operate the handbrake properly (not generate any tension).

Final test

Analyzed this final test will lead to test drive the car in the right way and realize if something goes wrong leads to a slow speed and check that the address does not pull anywhere.; then gets the highest gear and step on the throttle to ensure that the engine has no problems. While driving you will see that the steering, brakes, suspension and damping, as well as to halt correctly and symmetrical (the car must remain straight when braking). Lastly speed up to 120 km / h and check that there is no vibration or noise, as if there could be affected bearing. Before downloading check not lose fluid, because if he does could be affected brakes, air conditioning and the engine itself.


There are, which is a peace of mind when embarking on this adventure If you buy from a dealer have a minimum guarantee of one year. But really are not only dealers who sell cars in fairs like Used Vehicle Show can also be purchased vehicles cheaply and with all the guarantees of the brand.

If you buy a particular know that the Civil Code Article 1485 its on the sale indicates that "the seller is liable to the purchaser of sanitation by hidden defects of the thing sold, although ignored" during 6 months delivery of sales. Therefore although the first inspection there were no fault but this aparecieses later the seller must answer to him.

Car insurance

Remember that by law must take out insurance for your car , to move with it. So if you want to hire a car insurance you should consult us, because from advise you before, during and after hiring, ensuring the best price with the best conditions, so you can continue saving your choice. 
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