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Sunday, 10 January 2016

US Launches Latino campaign for health insurance

The federal government and a coalition of non-governmental organizations announced that as of Friday events held in English and Spanish to increase the number of Latinos who purchase health insurance before the deadline of 31 January.

Health Secretary, Sylvia Matthews Burwell, said Wednesday that the Week of Action for Latinos looking than 4 million Hispanics who have purchased insurance from the effective date of the health law. In addition, 8.8 million Latinos with private insurance have obtained higher free preventive services.

"The Latino community still suffers from health disparities as disproportionate rates of asthma, diabetes and certain cancers," Burwell said during a conference call. "But better access to annual exams, nutritional counseling, discarding cancer, we can begin to close those gaps."

The official noted that until 26 December over 8.5 million Americans had acquired health insurance for the first time or renewing they already had.

The authorities estimate that the rate of adult uninsured Latinos has fallen 11.5 percentage points since 2013 (from 42% to 30%).

The deadline to purchase health insurance is January 31, but if people want coverage from February 1 must register by January 15.

The US government offers website in Spanish for those transactions.
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