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Thursday, 14 January 2016

What is Mouth cancer and esophageal cancer

Location of oral cancer

When a patient goes to the doctor, this will perform a check to determine the origin of the symptoms, you feel your neck for lumps, swelling, etc. As a diagnostic tool will also be used

chest radiography, biopsy, etc.

The key to the diagnosis of this cancer will correspond with the investigations on the stage in which it is located and for its realization certain tests and procedures are performed.

If it comes to tumors in the mouth, will be used to biopsy to check for cancerous tumors or not. A surgeon will perform. Another is the ray of the teeth, the head of the chest, in addition to a TAC of areas to which we refer.
Ultrasonography is another test which oncologists turn to observe the image of the organs and tissues of the areas that are thought to be affected.

If the location of the tumor in the larynx that is laryngoscope with a tiny camera that allows the oncologist to see if there is tumor in the mouth or throat is used.

If tumors in the esophagus are the diagnostic means is used which is thin, lighted tube and the name of this test responds to oesophagoscopy in which local anesthesia is generally used. The esophagogram is another though less frequent testing today and in it the patient should take a barium solution.

Treatment of oral cancer or oral cancer

When it comes to a small tumor removal through surgery it is the most recommended method.
When it comes to a larger tumor or when there has been spread to lymph nodes in the neck treatment that is used is to radiography and chemotherapy. However, if the tumor is so large that prevents swallowing or breathing properly also resort to surgery, although it is not the ultimate solution most cases.

Treatment for oral cancer depend on how long each patient reacts, because today is very difficult to define exactly what will be the reaction of a person to a treatment or another cancer.
There are surgeries in the mouth to remove large tumors in which implant artificial prosthesis also depends because there are cases in which the tumor affected the palate and you have to remove a piece of this. If necessary, you can also go to plastic surgery.

As a result they are more clearly identified with the treatment of oral cancer is weight loss because the patient has a hard time making any food intake. For these cases diets soft foods, soups, purees and protein shakes are recommended.

Treatment of esophageal cancer

Use or other treatment when suffering from esophageal cancer will depend on where you are located and the size of the tumor the same as my good or bad health of the patient.
The surgery is the right treatment if the tumor is localized and has not spread and it's maneuver is performed by the surgeon corresponds to the removal of the tumor and the healthy connection fragment remained of the esophagus to the stomach so that it can be restored and maintained swallowing function. Such splicing is performed through the use of a plastic tube or a fragment of the intestine of the patient.

Chemotherapy and radiotherapy are also used as a treatment for esophageal cancer, even if they were needed the all, the oncologist may resort to combine the two types of treatment. Often these are used as the pre treatment before surgery.

Finally, against this cancer there are also two other treatments such as electrocoagulation and laser therapy.
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