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Wednesday, 13 January 2016

You know all about the lamb?

Do you know what are the trends in the Cortes Lamb Meat ? The lamb can be enjoyed in a thousand ways, so today we will learn more about their courts.

Let's talk 8 new cuts of lamb and suckling so you can take it any way you choose, some cuts smaller, leaner and easier and faster to cook.

  •     Medallions: Son slices boneless leg of lamb, about 2 cm thick and about 35 g each weighing about. Very tender and juicy. They have little fat and its flavor is mild.
  •     Fillet leg: The steak boneless leg of approximately 7 mm thick and 50 g in weight. Very tender and easy to prepare. The steaks perhaps the most versatile piece of whole lamb can be prepared as countless working with her. All quick and easy.
  •     Tournedos: The slice boneless leg wrapped with "crepineta, fabric or caul" the same lamb, about 2-3 cm thick and weighing about 180 g each. Noble and vided, easy to cook and very elegant on the plate piece.
  •     Churrasco: The elongated strip of meat on the bone from the pole ribs. It is usually one of the most undervalued lamb pieces, however, well cooked, it is the best and most tender cuts of whole animal.
  •     Churrasquitos: They are marinated pieces of meat on the bone from the tip of chest skirt the lamb. They can also be done by cutting along each of the sticks and marinating the entire skirt.
  •     Fillet carillon: Is boning neck open "book or range", marked with knife and ready to make grilled. It's the most surprising part of the whole lamb once the evidence for its tenderness, flavor and juiciness.
  •     Necklaces: These slices neck, bone, not very thick. They can occur as whole slices or semicircular half slices. It is a rich and tasty part because the neck is the part of the animal's fat infiltrates.
  •     Kebab: They are given lean meat, marinated and skewered on a skewer. The kebab is a way to leverage lean cuts of lamb left over to prepare other references. You can also use the entire leg taqueada to make them.
  •     Skewer: It's the little skewers of spiced ground beef, cuts from other pieces of lamb. The skewer is an original and attractive presentation and a way to leverage cuts and less noble parts.
  •     Hamburger: There are lots of beef with round and flat, sometimes spicy and sometimes not mixed with any other ingredient. It should take between 20% and 35% fat to make it juicy but not greasy. It is advisable to mix the lamb with some pork or turkey, as it is softer and balanced flavor. Ino nity can prepare mixtures, forms and presentations. 

Definitely choose the cut that you like and kitchen as you like lamb, so we have decided for an easy and tasty recipe:

What do we need?

8 very thin slices of leg of lamb, 4 slices of cheese to melt, 4 thin slices of ham, 2 eggs, flour, breadcrumbs, 350g of boiled potatoes, 40g butter, ground pepper, olive oil, and salt.


Salpimentamos fillets, and put a slice of cheese and other ham for each. The crush with your hands pressing what we have inside. We had the flour, egg and bread crumbs.

We put a frying pan with a little olive oil and brown them on both sides over medium heat. A golden time, we remove them and put them well on absorbent paper to remove excess oil.

Peel the potatoes and heat them in the microwave. The crush with a fork and add the butter, salt and a little pepper. 
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