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Monday, 20 June 2016

Things you might not know: Myths false use of the bike

A few days ago we started a list with a number of misconceptions about the bike that are widespread in the biker world, and for those experts motorists may not be a problem, but we care about those who are starting in the world of motorcycles, and we do not want to be deceived by some false myths that could endanger their health.

So we continue completing this list for any motorcyclist, expert or beginner, knows the whole truth hanging over his motorcycle.

And then now, there each with their conscience.

  •     six false myth about the use of the bike: If I have ABS brakes on my bike I can run on curves. 

False. Let 's see, we all love a good shot of adrenaline, but do not be mad driving ABS brakes are designed for straight, optimizing braking the inertia that takes the bike itself. However we are cornering we are not only affect it by inertia, but also comes into play -ficticia-centrifugal force, which tends to throw to the outside of the curve, something against which the ABS can not fight. So, for many ABS you have, take curves carefully, please.

  •     seven false myth about the use of the bike: With low-profile tires on my bike I can improve braking with ABS. 

False: To continue with the myths circulating around the ABS, we uncover one more. What you do to change the thickness of the wheels of your bike is nothing but confuse the ABS. Theoretically increase the contact surface with the ground with a wider tires can help braking, but the fact is that with a low - profile tires will change the circumference, and confused at the ABS sensor, which ultimately will slow priate them want. Do not play more with ABS, man, they are a good invention.

  •     eight false myth about the use of the bike: For my bike has more horsepower gasoline use 98. 

False: The type of gasoline you use must be based on the type of engine you have your bike. While it is true that gasoline 98 can be more explosive, covers only in highly compressed motorcycles with engines in which the mixture interested explode after the spark plug has occurred. If this is not the case of your bike, the only thing you do with 98 gasoline is throwing money away . You will see. (You can always consult your manufacturer to stay quiet).

  •     nine false myth about the use of the bike: If I want to improve the power of my bike just change the filter. 

False: We continue with fibs about power. A motor system is a very complex machine and gear in which nothing is done by chance. Change the filter serves to give more air flow, which does not mean you will improve the power of your bike. To do this you should also change the carburetion, distribution and probably the escape. With all this the only thing you get is to alter the initial construction of the engine, which will not necessarily will increase the power, but surely you increase consumption.

    false myth ten out of the use of the bike: If I am not a professional I can not drive a motorcycle circuit. 

False: With all the talk of power is normal to have wanted to take on the world with your bike, but down the road you can not abuse the speed because you also put at stake the lives of other drivers. But if you want to give a little cane on your bike you can do it in a circuit, it is not necessary to be a professional in the world of motorcycles. Some brands rent them to make their presentations, and workshops are also available for both safety and driving, so do not miss the opportunity to feel motorcycle racing driver for a day!

So much for the false myths about the bike today. Whenever you go to buy a new bike or make changes to the bike that you already have, always trust the professionals, do not be fooled by the hoaxes that circulate everywhere. And when you hire your bike insurance, more of the same. Trust in, where we offer the best motorcycle insurance No gimmicks! 
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