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Friday, 15 July 2016

Advantages and disadvantages of winter tires

We've already told you how important it is, when you take the car in winter, always have reviewed the main elements of the vehicle to ensure your safety, but as we can not help but worry about you, besides recommend that you hire a good car insurance that ensure your peace of mind, you want to be informed about everything that can facilitate your journey when you take the car.
So today let's talk a fundamental element of your vehicle: tires, and we'll have all the benefits of those who are special for this time of year, which are none other than winter tires.

Advantages of winter tires:

greater adherence

If you've tried sure you've already noticed the difference: there is nothing like winter tires for yes, driving in winter with ice or snow, the tire adheres much better to the road, which is a first magnification factor security.
This tire is able to keep "grabbed" the much better than summer tires, and even when temperatures are below 7 ° C is when works best because the more cold it more grip there dry asphalt, marking its difference Of summer.

Adherence figures:

Being the only point of contact between the vehicle and the road, the winter tire is very important because below these 7 degrees summer tire hardens, causing loss of adhesion. A winter tire makes braking distance from 50 km / h is multiplied up by eight, which results in eight meters dry in 16 wet, 32 meters snowy roads , and if the road has ice, up to 64 meters, which could avoid having an accident.

Major tire tread

The winter tire tread is much more marked than in summer, which allows this evacuate water much better, which is also good for the high temperatures of the summer season to avoid aquaplaning better.

Goodbye snow chains

It seems not, but the fact of not having to be putting the chains if the roads transitas usually have snow or ice, you give much comfort as they will not have to waste time on them and, of course, will avoid dangerous situations They are arising from having to stop and ride the chains and bring instability involved (not to mention that could damage tires):
On this point should be emphasized in addition to a study published that 80% of users have never ridden chains on their vehicles and / or can not use, so these tires will save us having to put them.

Increased security and tranquility

Both are the main reason for buying as always, whatever the road conditions and the weather, know that you will bring reliable wheels that give you peace of mind when driving your car. To this is added the fact that stabilize the vehicle, which contributes to your safety.

Disadvantages of winter tires:

Lack of space

It may seem silly, but if you have two types of tires need to have a place to store them when you change the winter by summer (and vice versa).

They wear before and increase consumption

Despite having a sharper picture if you tend to use them in summer (as they are also safe at this time of year) you should know that with high temperatures wear before, besides that, compared with summer, increase consumption slightly.

They're more expensive

They really are an extra cost to the driver 's pocket, but should be seen as an investment, since it is offset by the fact that summer tires last longer than usual to replace them for a few months by summer.

So now you know, you have a choice this winter buy winter tires and ensure your safety, but the best way is always that you be very careful when you pick up the car and, especially, to count on a good car insurance . In this we can help you, so check our comparator and guarantees your tranquility at the best possible price.
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