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Sunday, 10 July 2016

Asthma treatments

We entered burdensome for those who suffer from allergic and respiratory diseases land, because although the closet every morning before we ask what clothes will serve us for disparate -so temperatures will bring us the new day, the truth is that allergens factors unforgiving, and although we are lost in limbo stations without really knowing what time of year we, asthma and allergies are already impersonating under our naricillas to provoke that uncomfortable tingling, that voice of radio host high hours of the morning, with clamp on the nose and includes- those wonderful and nothing discretos- sneezing, with more than one you win the office laughs.

Beware asthma

So yes, it is time to surround yourself with the best weapons in chemical engineering in order to combat the happy asthma, with cough caverns, their Ooze under a bridge molted your nose and then now I get angry and I do not let breathing.
But the fact is that these are just some of the symptoms of asthma, but has many more. Although asthma is a respiratory disease that -for the moment- has no cure, what we do have are treatments that help us relieve your symptoms. Although in order to effectively tackle the symptoms of asthma is important to know the types of asthma and ranking. There are certain tips that you can consider to "outsmart asthma" and not have to bow down to their demands, and there are certain treatments for asthma are rather truquitos the almendruco in preventing the onset of asthma symptoms. But when a crisis appears fat (those that give sustito), the most important thing is not to get nervous apart and try to breathe calmly have on hand the most appropriate medical treatment.

Medical treatment of asthma

We have different medications that are applied as a treatment for asthma and it is important to know them to know what is the most suitable for you (not going to be the cure worse than the disease, and never better). So pay attention to the different treatments and choose the one you like best but not worth discrimination, eh-.
  • Anti - inflammatory treatments. In this treatment the most commonly used are corticosteroids , which not corticoles, that's for something else, eye- used to "antiinflamar" bronchi. Deflate, go. And it can be administered orally, by inhalation or intravenously, anyone more?
  • . Bronocodilatadores treatments With such eloquent explanation name is not necessary, but just in case: this treatment dilates the bronchi (how well, more huequito breathing) and is administered by inhalation.
  • Immunotherapy treatments. Treatment only used in patients who do not respond positively to asthma and that are sensitive to an allergen. Has to be administered in the hospital by medical personnel, so "do not try this at home", as would the man Nengro.
  • Antihistamines treatments. This treatment helps reduce symptoms such as redness of eyes (to stop just seem to smoke a whole garden by yourself)
  • Treatments antagonists Leukotriene receptor. This treatment is another antiinflammatory inhibiting leukotriene formation (very bad guys these bugs, to slaughter with them)
  • . Treatment of bronchial thermoplasty This treatment is experimental and applied only as a clinical trial, but if you have a very serious crisis, not your fussy eater you experiment with you: the treatment works.
Although some of these treatments for asthma are unavoidable name deathtrap, quiet, you can Fiaros them to take care of your health I wish we had something as effective to combat tontería-. Will be your best allies to combat asthma. And to take care of your overall health, your best ally is always the health insurance , which will protect your health against all odds, sun and storm, and at any time of the year (even in these new stations recently appearance: InviernoQueNoTerminaDeLlegar or CasiPrimaveraAlaVueltaDeLaEsquina).
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