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Friday, 22 July 2016

Business Licenses and Permits

Learn more about the permits and licenses they need to avoid mishaps

Not surprisingly, all kinds of business needs some kind of license or permit issued by the city, state or federal government. If you do not want to face the possibility of being penalized, it is a good idea to investigate what permissions you need before starting your business operations.

These are some of the permits and licenses that your business may need:

  • General Business License - can request this business license in your city, and it will give the authorization to operate your business.
  • Zoning Permit / Using Terreno- This permit certifies that the business can operate on the property where it is located. This permission is also required if you plan to build or expand the property. If you plan to operate your business from your home, research your zoning, as some neighborhoods do not allow business operation.
  • Sales Tax License - This license is required if you are selling any product. Also known as the "Seller's Permit" ( "Seller's Permit"), this license allows businesses to collect sales tax (sales tax) to its customers.
  • Fire Permit - will need this permit if you handle toxic or flammable material. Some cities require routine safety inspections to ensure that the building is in compliance with fire.
  • Water Pollution Permit and / or Air - Your business will need one of these permissions if you burn any material or download any product in sewers or waterways.
  • Signboard permit - Some cities have restrictions on the size of the labels to be used on the outside. Check the regulations where they operate your business.
  • Permission Condado- If your business operates outside the city limits, you need a permit from the county. In this case, you must report it to the county administration.
  • State license - Some professions require you to be licensed in your profession before you can operate your business. This may include taking a standard test.

Here are some occupations that usually require a state license:

  • Health Service
  • Vehicle Repair
  • Real Estate
  • Accounting services
  • Insurance sales
  • Cosmetology
  • Legal representation
  • Plumbing
  • Electrical technician
  • Construction Contractors
  • Federal license - If your profession or products are regulated by a federal agency, you need a license issued by the federal government to operate your business

Some professions that typically require federal license:

  • Investment Advisor
  • Drug Manufacturers
  • Preparation of meat
  • Media (FCC)
  • Ground transportation
  • Manufacture or sale of snuff, alcohol, firearms or explosives. (ATF, TTB, ABC)

  • Department of Health- This permit is important if you work with consumer products. You need to be bound to permits and regulations of the Health Department in your city.
  • Unemployment insurance Some states require that you have unemployment insurance, even if you only have one employee. Question about the requirements of your state to take that cost into consideration when you are hiring.

You may have to register your name "Doing Business As" (DBA), the office of county clerk if your business name is anything other than your own name. You can read about DBA in our article. Also you'll have to get a number Employer Identification (EIN) to file your taxes. the manage your business properly and get the correct permissions will prevent you to be fined by government agencies. This will also establish your business as one legitimate and will be attractive to investors and customers. Every business has its starting point and obtain permits and licenses required is an important part of this.
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