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Saturday, 23 July 2016

Can people with diabetes hire a life insurance?

For diabetics, the availability of life insurance is very important, because diabetes is a disease with many risks. But the vast majority of insurers reject the application for those who claim to have diabetes at the time.

Usually, insurers reject people with preexisting serious diseases. In cases of less serious diseases, some companies include some kind of charge.

As regards diabetes, it is considered as a serious disease because it can cause complications in the future, such as kidney damage, heart disease, joint and bone disorders, damage to the digestive tract, oral problems, etc. . Keep in mind that most diabetics have type II diabetes, a type of diabetes that appears in adulthood as a result, in many cases, obesity and / or type of unhealthy life.

Life insurance for diabetics Axa

So far, Axa is the only insurance company that has a life insurance designed specifically for diabetics, called Life Responsible Risk. This insurance product stems from the conclusions offered by a study showing that the vast majority of people with diabetes are cared for and fully control their blood sugar levels, as well as their welfare. According to this study, a very high percentage of diabetics performs constant exercise and control your diet. This, in principle, is that these people have much less risk of complications discussed above, while maintaining the control over their disease and their lifestyle. This implies the need to treat this group completely differently from what has been done so far, at least as far as life insurance is concerned.

In this regard, Head of Axa insurance risk Life insurance is corresponding to the annually renewable mode, like most life insurance currently engaged life. This type of insurance increase your premium annually for various reasons, such as age of the insured.

Insurance Head of Axa Risk Life, in addition to cover the contingency of death (up to 75 years), also offers a number of benefits, among which are different additional services related to diabetes to improve the quality of life of the insured.
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