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Saturday, 9 July 2016

Common injuries for motorcycle riding regularly (II)

We've talked about how important it is that you care when you ride a motorcycle, and not only taking security measures and appropriate precautions, but taking care of the most valuable thing we have. Our body Motorcycling regularly brings complications for health problems that affect us as cervical pain or different kinds of backaches, as we told you in our first article most common injuries motorcycling regularly (I) , so today we're going to continue it and naming and I name those injuries affecting motorists and, if untreated, can lead to serious health problems.

Caring and preventing motorcycle injuries

Experts say that motorists are not aware and only measures are taken when contractures and pains appear after all day riding a motorcycle, but not before taking the bike to prevent or even at the beginning, when they appear the first symptom.

To take better care and prevent injuries when we ride a motorcycle you must do what you would do before making any sport: stretch, spend five or ten minutes to warm up the muscles. That sitting on the bike go does not mean that your muscles do not suffer a heavy burden and a strain that can damage your eye.

Of course, especially for long distances on a motorcycle , when even or make some rest, as you do, at least every 150 Km beam also due stretching to prevent muscle aches.
If there is no injury pain

When we begin to feel pain there and injury, maybe more or less serious but already there is , and why it is important to prevent injuries do not persist in the position where we are if it hurts. We must rest to relax and, if necessary , go to physical therapy and orthopedics to adequately prevent and treat these problems in their early stages.

Common injuries for motorcyclists

Overload injury trapezoids

It is produced by driving in a tense, or very high and stretched arms (common if you have a custom bike). The best thing to do is muscle stretching and physical therapy or electrotherapy considerases if necessary or injury was very serious.

Overuse injury of the anterior tibial

This type of injury occurs by excessive and intense motorbike in town or use it regularly in use twisty roads. In these cases the movement itself and effort that we impose to the left foot on the gearshift lever can even cause an overload of the muscle. This injury is also good treat with stretching, physiotherapy and electrotherapy.

Sciatic nerve injury: Citalgia

Although you we have mentioned in the first part of our article I'll turn to emphasize here because this type of injury comes from bad posture on the bike and severe pain in the nerve suffers. This type of injury is preceded by other own injuries of the lumbar spine as pinching or hernia. If you suffered these injuries you might like bike riding fester and end up in citalgia. In these cases the treatment is surgery.

Injury epicondylitis or tennis elbow

That his name not deceive you : this condition is not only own players, occurs frequently among motorists as occurs when repetitive movements of wrist extension and forearm supination occur. You must prevent it with stretching, but too late detect and treat you with physical therapy, even if it is persistent, surgery.

Now that you know the typical lesions of motorcycle riders for their names we hope that you care a lot and you can detect in time any of these injuries that put bike to remedy as soon as possible. And if you want to guarantee your safety when you ride a motorcycle do not forget to hire the best motorcycle insurance so that when you leave the road're always protected. 
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