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Saturday, 23 July 2016

Do they cover life insurance disease?

Life insurance is designed to meet an uncertain fact, death, which we know will occur, but not when or how. In this regard the existence of diseases increases the chances of loss and, depending on the condition it is, we could be talking about a predictable death, rather than an uncertain death. For this reason the question of whether life insurance covers diseases has aroused much interest and has spearheaded an issue, at least, controversial.

Because of the many cases produced in which insurers refused to fulfill their obligations by claiming that the disease was pre-existing, the law took part in the affair and ended ruling that the policy was required to declare any illness and medical history that always and when the insurer had asked for them. That is, it is understood that not acting in bad faith who does not respond to what is not asked. On this basis we are obliged to declare disease and medical history and always we suffer when we ask for them.

Moreover, to avoid misunderstandings and move more safely insurers often subject their insured medical examinations intended to collect all relevant data to the same health status so you can assess if you desire or not. Being so, if there is a disease contained in the insurance policy, the insurance company must take charge if death occurs as a direct result of it.

Similarly, if the disease appeared suddenly and causing the death of the insured, the company must also take care of the damage and meet obligations that commit and are specified in the insurance policy.

We conclude that insurance companies must cover diseases according to current legislation. For this reason they exercise their right to study the medical history of the insured and also diseases that can suffer and, as insured, our obligation is to respond transparently to all the issues we raised.
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