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Saturday, 23 July 2016

Does it cover life insurance a heart attack?

There are many people who have made this question. Do you really covers life insurance a heart attack? In this article we answer this question and we tell you how insurers handle this type of accident.

Life insurance covers death from any cause, including heart attack. However, this issue has been particularly controversial because it contains some issues that should be taken into account.

Life insurance covers myocardial SI if this causes death

As we mentioned, life insurance covers any disease that causes death, including heart attack itself. However, there are some limits. Imagine you have 46 years and have decided to make a life insurance but had previously suffered a heart attack. When enlist a life insurance you would be obliged to declare this fact but for whatever reason, you decide not to. If in the future, again you suffered a heart attack and this will eventually cause the death, the insurance company may refuse to give effect to the contract if he finds that this fact has been omitted. This is the only case that your insurance company will not cover a heart attack.

What if the attack does not cause death?

In this case it will depend a lot of benefits that you have engaged in your life insurance. There are some companies that cover such events anticipating 50% or 100% of the insured capital and other securing additional capital for such situations. There are also other insurance that do not provide this option so always read the contract well all our life insurance for detailed what protects us and what is not.

In any case, if you would like to review other proposals for life insurance or consider improving the conditions of your current insurance, we recommend that you lean on our comparator insurance where you will find an updated, all the supply available on the market .
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