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Saturday, 9 July 2016

Effects of sleep deprivation for our health

When we talk about health problems we can imagine from a slight cold -provocado by officemates who win the battle to take over the command of air conditioners to things of extreme gravity, and, who knows, a toothache or nephew with talent for exasperation. But the truth is that there is an element with which we are very familiar and with which we associate no health problems, and this is none other than sleep. Or lack of it.

Sleep deprivation and sleep recommended

Lack of sleep is a problem that can come caused by different causes and also leads to various diseases, disorders or disorders in our health, which can get very serious, even fatal.

Scientific studies on the necessary hours of sleep in adults agree that 8 hours a night is the right amount to not see depleted cognitive and emotional capacities, and less than 7 hours a day begin to affect brain activities.

Types of sleep disorders that can affect our health

Sleep deprivation may manifest in different ways, and all of them harmful to our health. Sleepwalking, sleep apnea (deficit breathing that occurs during sleep times, which leaves the sufferer momentarily breathing) or the sleep paralysis (the person wakes up abruptly and is conscious but can not move), are some of the most common sleep disorders, but they are not the only ones. There is a classified syndrome in rare diseases, (name given to all things for what they have not yet found a solution), which is a degenerative disease that is deprived of sleep progressively to death. The Fatal Familial Insomnia (the conjugation family and fatal in the name ceases to be ironic) does not become a countdown to those who suffer, and their children, because besides no cure, is hereditary.

Effects of sleep deprivation on our health

Without reaching the ends of said disease fatal familial insomnia, other sleep disorders can also cause serious health problems that are slowly eroding our capabilities, both physical and mental.

  •     Lack of sleep reduces attention and concentration ability. With just a sleepless night and some difficulty is experienced in maintaining attention and the ability to correctly process information.
  •     Lack of sleep affects mood and perception. Two nights without sleep trigger levels cause irritability and psychiatric disorders and sudden changes in mood.
  •     Lack of sleep can cause symptoms similar to schizophrenia effects. If the nights without sleep lengthens, the person may experience symptoms of schizophrenia, such as hallucinations, strange voices or alteration of reality.
  •     Lack of sleep affects cardiovascular health. Not getting enough sleep can continuously alter levels of blood pressure and the immune system, increasing the risk of heart attack and being more exposed to other diseases.
  •     Lack of sleep can lead to obesity. Sleep is fundamental to the process of growth and learning, and deprivation thereof can cause changes in hormones responsible for the development and appetite. Studies have shown that less sleep, more increases the desire to eat unhealthy foods (high in carbohydrate), and this combined with less physical strength the fewer hours of sleep enjoy, can trigger a serious problem of obesity. 

Sleep disorders can affect our health in many ways, why it is so important to procure a few hours of sleep enough, and quality . And as we get some rest InsuranceRise.com forgetting all worries, we care about your health with the best health insurance for you only have to worry about enjoying your dreams and make them reality. 
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