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Friday, 15 July 2016

Exercises to prevent injuries from motorcycle riding regularly

As I said in our article most common injuries motorcycling regularly (II) to prevent typical injuries from motorcycle riding regularly, the best you can do is do a series of stretches before you hop on the bike and in different breaks you do during the route.
As if a sport in itself it were is important to spend about five minutes to do warm-up exercises and stretches that will prevent you injury. Today we will tell you what exercises and stretches are the best to prevent various types of injuries.

Exercises to prevent neck injuries for motorcycling

Turn the neck to the right and to the left

You must make the turn without forcing slowly until the maximum extension you are able and repeat the movement several times to each side. The limit is in pain, if it hurts relaxes the muscle and turn it back turn calmly, no hurry.

Rotations semicircular neck

Neck rotation semicircular way (maximum 180) is also a good exercise to repeat both right and left. Never attempt to turn more than recommended and remember that you must stop if it hurts.

Exercises to prevent back injuries from motorcycle riding

Stretching back

Flexes your body until you reach your ankles with your hands (or twins if you do not get to the ankles) and hold in this position a few seconds. With this posture we will stretch your entire back, and therefore it is important to keep it straight while stretching.
Another way to stretch your back is subjection to the stirrups of the bike, and while we have aligned feet shoulders, bending the knee crouch s (very similar to squats), and also help to stretch back.

Exercises to prevent injuries in arms motorcycling

Triceps stretch

To protect your arms from injuries is important to do stretching triceps, for that ideally you pick up the elbow with the opposite hand to the arm you want to stretch and pull the same pulling him toward the chest.

Bicep stretch

It 's great also that stretch this muscle in your arm, the best way is to hold on to our bike and we turn the trunk until you feel like biceps stretch. As with the other exercises we wait a few seconds before relaxing the muscle.

Exercises to prevent hand injuries by motorcycling

Stretches wrist

It is very important to ride on the bike with your hands relaxed, and we must have done before stretching wrist; for it and for that you extend your arm forward and turn your wrist downward, with the other hand grab the fingers and pull toward you, hold the position for a few seconds for the wrist relax.
This exercise can also do the opposite: at arm rotates the wrist up and hand the other arm pushes fingers back until you feel the muscles of the hand and wrist are stretched and stretched.

Relaxation of hands

The best thing to do to relax your hands is use your fingers, this way you have to do is, with hand outstretched, fingers close but only with his knuckles, no fist at all.
The other position to relax the hand is a fist and then open it with force while keeping fingers straight.
Both exercises should repeat several times with each hand.

Exercises to prevent leg injuries for motorcycling

Stretches legs

A good way to stretch your legs is to support them , one by one, s BOUT seat of the bike or a stirrup, and while we keep straight ( do not bend the knee) flex the trunk as far as we can, trying to get to touch us boots with the hands. Once we have adopted this position should hold a few seconds.
A good stretching exercise that will help you keep in shape quadriceps is as follows: flexes the leg back and Grab your boot by hand in the back, then pull (gently) up your leg and hold for a few seconds notes how the quadriceps while stretched.
How to see is very important to make a good stretch of all these body parts to prevent injury when you ride a motorcycle. Remember that your safety and health come first when you ride a bike, so take care and, of course, if you have any other exercise stretch to suggest that you serve you to avoid injuring yourself when riding a bike share it with us.
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