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Tuesday, 19 July 2016

Get fit anywhere and cost 0

In full summer maelstrom, who more and who less and be thinking about the holidays. There will be some of you who will have taken the bikini operation to the letter and now you dispongáis to enjoy the results based sweat. There will be others who see it as a year been caught the bull. The former would give rage not able to train during the holidays (would have to find a gym near the hotel and not have enough time); and the latter live with the illusion of a quick way to reach the beach in August a bit fitter. As for the two bring good news in the form of a handful of exercises performed with an element that always shall bring over your own body. The combination of these few exercises provide you the opportunity to perform many routes thanks to its multiple combinations, variation of repetitions, etc.
Body weight exercises you will present work several muscle groups at once, so with a short routine've trained most of the body's muscles. These exercises not only will you fit, but also will help you correct your posture.


  • Jumping Jacks: This exercise is a very good alternative to train cardio in those days when you do not want to leave home to take a few runs. It is an exercise that activates most of our body muscles and requires some coordination and attention to do it, so take note.
    • Position 1: position yourself upright and facing forward foot. Make a small vertical jump and in the air must open legs beyond shoulder width apart while with slightly bent arms you're describing a lateral circle through your body until your hands come together above your head. You must coordinate leg and arm movements to perform them at once before landing.
    • Position 2: Right now you are with her ​​legs open and semi -drawn with arms and hands clasped above his head. Salta vertically again and undo the move to stay upright again as the beginning of the year. The two movements are performed quickly, and correspond to a repetition.

  • Push - ups: This classic exercise is one of the most complete you can do for upper body, because with him you will work pectorals, deltoids, triceps, core ... and unlike the bench press, the shoulder blades will have full freedom of movement during the execution of the exercise. For proper realization of the need to lay bending upside down, placing hands on the floor with arms outstretched and apart as the shoulders (the more juntes hands, more presence will triceps during exercise), contact your feet with the ground must occur at the tip thereof. Aligns the body as possible, from the heel to the head (a trick is getting the buttocks and abdominal trying to bring the navel to the back), vacuums and low until the chest is about five feet off the ground, hold a moment and go up as you release the air slowly. Cuesta right ?, for Get used because they create addiction.

  • Climbers: This exercise is also known as "the climber". It is a very simple exercise that works your aerobic capacity in a comprehensive manner, focusing mainly on the legs, but also making use of arms, chest and abdominal muscles that stabilize you during movement. Put yourself in a manner similar to that of push-ups, with arms outstretched and slightly wider than the width of the shoulders position. At this point alternately on knees to chest. A replay is complete when you made ​​the movement with both legs. You control the speed to do all the repetitions indicated and to finish with a minimum of breath.

  • Squats: Yes, we know, are difficult, tired and cost significantly, but you pay a minimum price compared to the benefits they bring hand. It is one of the best exercises for the lower body. Will train practically all muscles of the legs along with the larger muscles of the body, you know what? ... Buttocks! Muscles that besides serving to sit above them call enough attention to pass. The well executed Squats are great but without proper technique these exercises can be dangerous to the joint, so you have to be very controlled movement to avoid the risk of injury. You must have legs apart more or less than the width of the shoulders and the balls of your feet should point out to keep balance. At this time check the rear back (as if you were going to sit in a chair) and not arch your lower back. Be especially careful to always see the tip of your foot in front of the tibia, do not overdo never be in danger because of hurt Achilles tendon. Low controlling the movement and when your thighs are placed parallel to the ground returns to the initial position, without forgetting to turn on the buttocks on the rise.

  • Bear Crawl: This exercise is to imitate the gait of a bear. It requires a lot of coordination so at first it is convenient do it slowly and go increasing the speed when you master the technique. You will work lots of muscles (as in most of the exercises that we present). These include the abdominal and oblique straight, lats, trapezius, deltoid, quadriceps, gluteus maximus and calves. We depart knees, resting his hands on the slightly further apart than the width of the shoulders down. Hip raises and tries to find the back parallel to the ground as possible. You will be in contact with the floor with his hands and the toes. Now you must toggle the progress of a hand and foot on the opposite side. This sequence corresponds to a step or repetition.

  • Burpees: We present your best ally when it comes to getting in shape. What are you going to hate, but with the passage of time and perseverance you will notice the benefits of this great exercise. The Burpee is a constant in the training of military academies for their effectiveness in improving the strength, coordination, speed, balance, endurance work during movement lot of muscles: chest, biceps, triceps, the abdominal muscles, the gluteus and quadriceps. The sequence of five movements Burpee is:
    • Position 1: Position yourself standing staring straight ahead, straight and legs apart at shoulder height.
    • Position 2: Perform a squat (remember not to arch your lower back) and down to stay in the squatting position. Rest your hands on the floor (putting his arm inside the thigh and shoulder width).
    • Position 3: With the already resting on the ground, made ​​a leg extension back and takes the position to do pushups. Since you are in the position to do pushups, makes a.
    • Position 4: Collect the legs to stay in position 2.
    • Position 5: From the squat position stretch your legs and try to raise you with a little boost. At the same time he passes hands behind his head and claps. This whole process is counted as one repetition.

  • Plates: To finish with a full - body we will influence the core area. To make the front plate must correctly put us upside down, placing his forearms resting on the floor and putting his elbows on the perpendicular to the shoulders. Our legs are stretched and the toes as single point of contact to the ground. Push with forearms down and contract the abdominal muscles (pon hard imagining gut like when you go to get hit) and activates the buttocks.

Okay, now what?

As everyone has a different physical form we will propose three levels to make a circuit more or less atu fitness level suits. The order of the exercises is the same in which they appear in the article.
Level 1: Alterna performing each exercise eight repetitions of each until you get to the plate, in which you must hold the position ten seconds. This is a circuit. Perform three circuits in total.
Level 2: Alternate each exercise performing ten repetitions of each until you get to the plate, in which you must hold the position fifteen seconds. This is a circuit. Make five tracks in total.
Level 3: Alternate each exercise carrying twelve repetitions of each until you get to the plate, in which you must hold the position fifteen seconds. This is a circuit. Make seven circuits in total.
What you need rest after each exercise and circuit. It is advisable to affect fat burning is not more than three minutes between circuit and circuit, but the answer you have in your feelings at the end of each.
These exercises are very effective because of its high standards. If you have bad knees or back is not recommended that you make. Anyway it is always advisable that you go to the doctor for a check done if you want to start any exercise program. Stop having an iron it is advisable to exercise regularly, eat healthy and get enough rest, and to complete, in the have the best rates of health insurance .
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