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Tuesday, 19 July 2016

Have a summer 10! : Prepare your journey

After months and months of waiting and we are squarely in the summer. During good weather, the terraces and the long-awaited vacation. As every year, the DGT has prepared four operational for pointers moments road traffic. Among the campaigns this summer highlights the surveillance on the condition of the cars, especially checking that they have the last ITV and are in good condition. Due to the economic situation, the number of cars on our roads is aging gradually bit, with an average of 13 years per vehicle. This campaign will take place during the six twelve days of July.
From July 20 until twenty, you will begin the campaign to control speed, especially on secondary roads in the country are those that have higher loss ratio. foot devices were deployed with mobile radar and from the air.
To raise awareness of the dangers of drinking before driving and drug driving devices are deployed around August 15, coinciding with most of the festivities of the country.

How to prepare the holiday trip

To review the vehicle, check that the roads which will develop the travel and above all, rest properly are three aspects to be taken as a mantra before a long journey on our vehicle. Knowing weather forecast, bring snacks, something to eat and medicines are elements that drive them missing if you have not previously prepared. The view and legs are the two elements of the body that suffer wear during a trip, especially if there is only one driver, so it is convenient to do every two hours usual stop every two hours.

Plan your trip, you'll thank

The car is the means of transport used for our summer getaways, for this reason the DGT expects about 81 million trips throughout the summer, the highest figure since 2011. With a fleet which now exceeds 31 million cars, planning our trip to have the fewest possible setbacks is essential.
  • When you have clear destination (after a long meeting at discussing if the best is the beach or the mountains, if the park multiadventure is best suited for grandma's house and that sort of thing) the next thing you should do it is to choose a road map on the itinerary that best suits your journey. Just as important as clear a major route is to choose an alternative route. Nor should all liability falls on the vehicle browser or Smartphone, 'so it is advisable that you have a traditional road map if the little voice GPS decides to take a vacation day.
  • When you have all this clear, it is time to check the status of the track. The Traffic Department has made available to the user on its website a map of incidents in real time. The application informs users about weather incidents, accidents, delays, operational detours, works, landslides ... The use of this system is much more effective in its purpose if consultations before leaving the beginning of the journey, so you can take the route b, postpone it or even cancel it.
  • With the road determined the next step is to check the length of travel. If it is too long, it makes sense to break it down into stages of about two hours. Calculate the stops, fuel consumption (to know when to refuel you) and if you have to take some extra clothes in case the weather changes during the journey. If the sky is cloudy, do not be tempted to leave the sunglasses at home, because in moments of great luminosity will be the best allies for the rest of your sight, do not take anything and also look very much.
  • If you do not want to spend most of your valuable vacation time locked in a caravan, tries to make the trip and a weekday match not end earlier this month. If you go through a caravan it is inevitable the best advice is patience, refreshments and good music.

Rest for rest days

The person intending to drive must be rested and fresh. It is a fact that should not be taken lightly because 30 percent of accidents in Spain are caused by sleepiness. The time of day you dispongas to start the journey is very important. Try not to be tempted to travel at night, we know it is much more comfortable to have no caravan or take the kids to the family asleep. Driving after a heavy meal is not good idea. Try to eat something light that you remove hunger. A sandwich and a fruit is good choice. As it is possible that during the trip you among the "bug" is advisable to always carry some pecking for the road (fruit type) and soft drinks. The sugars and caffeine sodas will help you be alert and concentrate on driving . Regarding the dress, choose the most comfortable clothes possible, this fact will help to slow down a little the onset of fatigue. Yes, we know that flip-flops are very cool at this time of year, but driving is not the best option, since they can engage with the pedals and cause accidents. All this combined with rigor stops (remember: every two hours or two hundred kilometers) to stretch my legs and clear it will help make more bearable the most cumbersome part of a wonderful holiday.
It is absolutely essential to have reviewed the operation of the vehicle and carry everything you need to make an arrangement of urgency. Check before oil levels, brake fluid, windshield washer fluid, power steering fluid and water. properly regulate the lighting and the height of the headlights will prevent dazzle other road users, and allow you to locate and be located when the sun begins to hide.
For related solve unforeseen vehicle mechanics is convenient to carry spare wheels, the corresponding Garo, a fan belt, spare wheels and a set of lights in good condition (do not forget the tools necessary for installation). Check in your trunk resting approved triangles and a reflective vest signaling.

funny kids and children safe

Wearing a controlling what happens in the back seat of the car and your kids seem quiet time. But suddenly comes the dreaded question: "How much is left?" For children a long trip is very boring, and I will let you know.. A very good idea is to prepare a kit of games to make the journey as comfortable as possible, put attention on their favorites InsuranceRise or board games that allow them to have a good time. And do not succumb to let them access the forward positions of the vehicle. Keep them in your chair restraint approved and chosen especially for them (in matters of height and weight, not age).
With this handful of tips from the InsuranceRisa.com hope that your journey as bearable as possible. If you need to hire a car insurance we have one multitarificador that lets you the best rates from top insurance firms. Happy summer and happy holidays!
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