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Saturday, 23 July 2016

In health insurance, changing company, seniority is lost?

In health insurance, seniority is something that is very valuable. In the case of health insurance, antique depend many things. If you take time with contracted health insurance and for whatever reason, you want to switch to another, you will be interested to know how much work this aspect.

Seniority is the period insured continuously carry your insurance policy. If you transfer from one insurer to another and have not had periods in the open, the new company may recognize that old, as long as present a copy of your prior policy and the last payment receipt. This is very important to avoid shortages, ie, the waiting periods that insurers impose on their new policyholders to treat some diseases and receive certain services, and seniority serves you to remove them and be covered immediately for all risks. So, before changing insurance, make sure you respect that old.

Another thing is that insurance of this type is known as pre - existence. A pre - existence is any loss you had before contracting the policy. Insurers can address these preexistences in three ways:

  1. Not offer coverage (the case of preexisting diseases like cancer, diabetes and other serious illnesses).
  2. That offers coverage with an extra premium
  3. You provide coverage if the pre-existence is not significant

This is an extremely sensitive issue that should be considered before changing health insurance because insurers will not cover any person with some important pre-existence, regardless of age. In this sense, if you really want to have contracted health insurance and have a serious or major illness, be sure either if the company you want to hire the new insurance will admit it or not before canceling the old policy because once canceled, you will no longer get coverage for that condition.

In any case, do not try to fool the health insurance hiding the prior existence of a serious or major illness, because come out losing.
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