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Sunday, 10 July 2016

Injuries and damage caused by motorcycle accidents

We hope you never pass but if you're motorist already know that the risks of having an accident, however small, are there and, though often in our power to avoid it , others do not. Yet already, motorcycling continuously may end up having negative health consequences, as you already have in Article most common injuries motorcycling regularly . But today we want to focus on those more serious injuries, the motorcyclist all faces, either by slight declines or small bumps, since, after all the bike you are part of the body.
It is said that not a biker not experienced it all on your bike until he falls for the first time. Depending on the type of fall consequences and injuries will be one or the other.

slight declines in motorcycle

In these cases you can feel lucky because usually have the body sore for a few days, but nothing will happen more, as much occasional rash that needs to be treated.
Another thing is a severe fall, where injuries are most important and the situation may be complicated for the motorist. Then we're going to list the most common serious injuries in motorcycle accidents.


It is the most common injuries, since the body hits the road against any accident or fall, and rubbing on asphalt, coupled with the speed of the fall, causes this type of injury.
This lesion is characterized mainly for being the most common in the summer months, because at this time of year due to the heat, motorists often travel with fewer clothes and less protected, especially if the journey is short. In these cases, arms or legs bare abrasion is assured and its severity depends on the depth of it and whether or not the bone affected.


Fractures are also common injuries from falls and motorcycle accidents, although there are body parts that are more affected than others.

Broken legs

Usually the lower body is usually the most affected by being more exposed and generally less protected (normal wear biker jacket but not everyone also wear pants).
The most common fractures therefore occur in the legs where the femur takes the main role of the lesion. This type of fractures motorcycle accidents are bulky injuries that often require long periods of recovery, especially if surgery is needed to cure them.

Fractures in the arms and hands

The upper body is not as exposed as the legs, but still suffer damage, especially dolls, which are a very fragile part of our anatomy. The arms can also be damaged but usually are more protected by the motorcycle jacket. This type of injury is usually the result of a crash in which the entire body weight on arms or because, falling, naturally we use them as a shield to protect rests.

Protection against these injuries

It is very important to protect our joints on both sides of the body like wrists and ankles, as they are most suffer before and motorcycle accidents are also the slowest to heal. Therefore always wears kneepads or boots to protect ankles and knees and wrist protection. If you appreciate accident.


Besides fractures a serious motorcycle accident can lead to death due to severe trauma. In this sense are two types of severe traumatic injuries:

Chest trauma

Usually serious and is one of the leading causes of death, because it is not as protected as it should and in case of accident can cause rupture of the aorta, an accumulation of fluid in the lungs, broken ribs and damage heart.

traumatic brain injury

Despite wearing a helmet brain trauma can be severe, plus statistics determine if the accident occurs going at high speed the chances that a brain injury occurs increases by 40%; however the use of a good motorcycle helmet can reduce up more than 30% mortality biker and the severity of injuries by more than 70%, so you should always take it .
Without wishing to be alarmist hope this article makes you reflect on the importance of going well protected when you ride a motorcycle, and that should reduce speed so that if you have an accident (whether mild or severe) you can minimize injuries. Of course it will also help keep the motorcycle insurance more complete so that, for any kind of accident, you have immediate assistance for you, the other affected (if any) and your bike.
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