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Saturday, 9 July 2016

non-medicinal treatments for asthma

This year everything is a long time coming: the warmth, the Government (which is getting too hard to get) and allergies, although have come with some delay have been installed in all those hard flushed and estornudeantes naricillas. It becomes more complicated for those who, in addition to allergy, also have asthma. And there are many more than we can imagine: Asthma affects more than 300 million people worldwide (any day organized a rebellion and take control of the world). Although asthma is a health problem that so far has no cure, it does have numerous and effective drug therapies to prevent or reduce your symptoms. But besides medicines that help asthmatics to lead a normal life ( not worth them the excuse to get rid of the exercise ), there are other gestures and behaviors that can help relieve symptoms of asthma without having to be ingesting chemicals all day.

Small gestures that can help relieve asthma symptoms

These attitudes are intended to avoid those trouble spots that are the bitter enemies of those who suffer from asthma (in all types and varieties) . Are very simple and (also logical) things inveterate asthma sure everything knows very well, but it is worth collecting them and have them all close together if there is still some despistadillo who does not know how to get rid of the tedious asthma symptoms.

Induced asthma pollens

Bad time for this type of asthma, in dry, sunny days that is when there is greater concentration of pollen. But some of advice to combat asthma (and leave more or less unscathed from the war) are:
  • Do not go out unless essential needs (go to school or work do not know if they are included in this category)
  • Wear sunglasses to protect eyes from pollen
  • Take the car with the windows closed (refrain from producing farts, please)
  • Ventilate the house very early to keep it closed the rest of the day.
These are good solutions to prevent asthma symptoms caused by pollen. Because also please get a suit like Ghostbusters, but just down the street you look weird.

Asthma caused by dust mites

Dust is everywhere, and no matter where you hide because you will find it. However, dear asthmatics, there are certain tricks that can help you be a little more elusive to dust it costs more to reach you:
  • Avoid putting carpets, curtains, carpets and decorative excess dust that accumulates too (not sure what they would do in the baroque the poor asthmatics).
  • Reduce humidity whenever possible.
  • Use dust mite mattress covers and changing the sheets at least twice a week (let's be camaraderie, guys).
  • Vacuuming often and clean the filters (for asthma but every time you touch the infernal device will appear).

Asthma caused by fungi

Although now the fungi kingdom is not in its time of greater height, it must also be taken into account when autumn approaches:
  • No visit wetlands or asthma will drag you into the mud.
  • Not having too many plants indoors.
  • Ventilate well the dark and damp rooms to put it a little more difficult to asthma.
  • And the star advice: asthmatics, please refrain from visiting barns in autumn (very common practice in other seasons, clearly).

Asma produced by animals

The solution for those with asthma caused by animals is obviously not having pets. Of course, there are people who love furry little critters and clear, rather die of asthma than grief because you can not have a mascotilla. So in these cases the key is to keep the animal away dorm person with asthma, and wash once a week (the animal, the person must be washed, at least two).

Drugs induced asthma

10% of those 300 million people with asthma, the suffering caused by an allergy to aspirin. So do not take it , and that's it , it is not very popular on the menu this summer. But of course, things change when we call for his "moniker" aspirin. For boys, those who are suffering asthma at fault, have to seek for another loyal lady friend that you cure headaches, I feel.

And here today tips to make life a little easier for those who live close to his Ventolin . They are very simple ways to care for your health, almost as much as is hiring the best health insurance . So you know, if you can begin to take care of yourselves today, do not leave it for tomorrow!
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