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Friday, 15 July 2016

Peanuts health, good or bad?

You know what they say, "eating and scratching ... everything is start" and start clear that starts, if difficult then is to stop, bucking. Because they are so rich, they are so small, that for a couple more nothing happens if and to the left I finished the bag ... wrong, wrong and wRONG! you have to flaunt iron will and unquestioned dominance to show these little ones (and when we say peanuts want to represent the entire group of cashews, hazelnuts, walnuts, almonds, pistachios, pine nuts, sunflower seeds- of all School- and other nuts, from now always "heretics health" or simply, peanuts) that we can more than them. Or almost.

Then, peanuts, are good or bad?

And from We apologize in advance for the abruptness of the qualifier "health heretics", but is that what they really are. Because at first peanuts are very "no, if a handful a day is great for the heart" but then you have to find out by third parties that "a handful of nuts a day is too much for health." But they are hypocrites! Trusted them ... we've been through sooo good times together -tardes whole of blanket, groundnuts and much movie cry. Well it's over, so far we have come. And no, it is not for me, it's for you. For you and your hobby be bad for my health. This relationship unites us is not healthy. It 's not love, it's an obsession ... It's best we know a while ...
Oh, but I love so much, damn peanuts. Well, we turn to plan B, and we will implement the handiest advice of any romanticona little film that claims to decide the future of a relationship: the list of pros and cons.

Pros: continue with peanuts

Peanuts prevent premature aging
Peanuts improve cardiovascular health
Peanuts reduce bad cholesterol

Cons: break with peanuts

Peanuts grow fat
Peanuts cause digestive disorders
Peanuts cause liver problems (not among the foods that promote liver care , precisely)

Let 's see, let 's look fat ... Although peanuts are good and help in reducing bad cholesterol, equally fattening. Negative.
Although cacahutes prevent premature aging, they cause liver problems (which is what is responsible for processing all its protein content), and as the poor is already very castigadito for beer (and that it does not give up, let him have many benefits! ) as it feels. negative point.
And take nuts improves cardiovascular health, but also to run out, and that does not give gases. Negative. Officially, peanuts (and other nuts), are heretics health, is checked.

In short, what do I do with peanuts?

But everyone can change, a second chance ... they deserve Because besides peanuts have many good things: prevent cancer and dementia, combat premenstrual syndrome, and prevent hyperactivity and depression. So all is not so bad. Maybe we can try again.
The key, as in any healthy relationship, you know how to find the balance. Of course we want very much to peanuts, but we can also meet with other -more healthy alike- friends, like salads. And there is no reason for jealousy and tantrums. So you know, everything is good in perspective. A handful of peanuts occasionally is very good for health, but consumed most commonly passed to the other side turned into the dreaded "Heretics health" Best to care for your health, in addition to hiring the best health insurance in (we already take for granted), you know give you a whim from time to time, but do not turn your love peanuts to typecast in routine .
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