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Friday, 22 July 2016

Road trips with Pets

Road trips with Pets

When the weather becomes warmer, everyone wants to hit the road for a trip, however short. Pets, like other family members, participating in the walk. But before boarding your pets to the vehicle, you should consider a few preparations and special care.

These tips will help your dog, cat or other pet to stay in a healthy condition and comfortably during the journey, long or short trip.

Before leaving

If it is a long journey that you are planning, you first have to accustom to travel. To accomplish this, take it with you on several short walks. It will likely take several weeks for them to truly feel comfortable and get used to the noise of the road and sudden vehicle movements.

Bring the following items:

  • Data veterinarian.
  • Medical history, including vaccination card.
  • First aid kit for your pet. Many of the treatments using human as antibiotic cream and hydrogen peroxide may be used in cats and dogs, but at doses lighter.
  • Articles for cleaning such as tape, to clean the hair of your vehicle.
  • Plastic bags or litter box to remove debris.
  • Blanket or bed.
  • Treats and toys.
  • Belt, harness or collar.
  • Bowl for water, slip and food containers.
  • fresh, cold water in the car.
  • Food - this is the most important, and must be the same brand to which they are accustomed to getting sick stomach.

You can also think of putting a microchip your pet, just in case. It is not mandatory but will give you more peace of mind if you come to separate your pet. If they find your pet, a veterinarian or a hostel employee can read the chip to obtain owner information.

In the path

If your pet gets sick, you must stop immediately. Find a clinic or veterinarian, or ask for directions and give attention as soon as possible.

Find the weather. If the weather is very hot, always leave the air conditioning on for your pet does not suffer from heatstroke.

Put a leash if you get off the car and goes with you. Leave your pet in the car is very dangerous to your health and in some states, it is illegal.

Be sure to make frequent stops for your pet make your needs and keep your car clean. When you're out of the car, takes the time to do some exercise and to release any tension or stress.

Bring your pet travel, regardless of duration, it can be exciting and a great way to share time together. But be sure to consider these tips before you travel.
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