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Sunday, 10 July 2016

Things you might not know: false myths about helmet use

The day she found out about Elenita Francis, dropped a big myth to a generation of Spaniards who blindly trusted his radio advice. But the day we learned that the Los Serrano was all a dream, we entered us nightmares, collapsing the myth ended -esfumarse, volatilizarse- and lost faith in the Spanish series and valuable time and never recovered. So, for that matter - of legends demystify radio, TV or life itself - today we will attack those false myths about helmet use when you're on a motorcycle, and you may have ever done waver your iron will travel well protected.

The town, always put

And it is that when we go on a motorcycle, safety should be our priority. There are several items ( gloves , boots, chaps) that are essential for us to enjoy the tranquility of our small travesurillas on two wheels, but if there is something we have to stand out above everything else when we travel by motorcycle, is the helmet. We can have doubts when deciding what is the best helmet for us, but whatever the chosen, it is important that we never forget to take it with us. It is our most faithful travel companion. So if you hear those rumors that both like to throw the forked tongues, malmetiendo against poor motorbike helmet, do not be fooled by the evil arts and stay firm in your position responsible driving: the helmet always put.

false myths about the use of the motorbike helmet

There are many very good reasons to wear a helmet whenever we go on a bike , but as one who makes the law makes the trap, the rules are to be broken, there is always a broken for stitching, and still half Spanish proverb more, some will try pull down all the virtues of our little friend round, but do not be fooled, today we will uncover all those false myths about the use of the motorbike helmet.
  • Myth 1 on helmet use: Helmets reduce vision FALSE.. It is possible that in some helmets (whole), have somewhat limited vision if we look down, but as to where we need to look at is the road (and vicinity) since solved problem. Helmets allow us a vision of up to 210 degrees, or a little more and we looked inside the hollow head, so do not complain.
  • Myth 2 on helmet use: Helmets prevent perceive traffic noise FALSE.. The helmet allows you to receive absolutely all external stimuli while driving, another thing is that you do not feel like talking to "package" and tell him you do not hear.
  • Myth 3 on helmet use: Helmets difficult driving because they weigh too FALSE.. With advances in industry and technology, the hulls are lighter every day, and even safer. Find yourself another, because you're running out of excuses for not wearing a helmet.
  • Myth 4 on helmet use: Helmets are not required for short journeys TOTALLY FALSE.. It takes very little space and less than a second to cause, suffer, or be involved in an accident. It does not take anything to get the helmet, but less can still take in losing the helmet and everything else.
  • Myth 5 on helmet use: Drivers who wear helmets suffer more accidents STILL MORE FALSE.. In fact, quite the opposite, so you see, nor statistics can help you in case you want to flee the town.
There are many claims about the use of helmets swarming around, but as you have seen, are nothing but myths that what they do is give excuses behind which to hide those who, for whatever reason, avoid wearing helmets and protect the most important. You do not fall into the networks of false myths about helmet use and protect yourself, to protect your bike we take care of us, with the best motorcycle insurance in
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