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Friday, 15 July 2016

Traditional car vs hybrid car, to the struggle!

And today climb into the ring of two worthy opponents to take home the belt security-- of heavyweight vehicles. While it is true that comparisons are odious, so is that they are necessary as breathing (especially for some / os with complex "the vieja'l net curtain") So here we go: witness the fight of the century (with the permission of Rocky and Apollo Creed) facing two hulking beasts in the right corner, carrying the current title of car of the moment, the head of the pack, the experience made ​​car, tradition, security, confidence. the traditional car the other side of the canvas, with renewed impetus to struggle with desire, strength, passion , evolution. The colt of the herd, the applicant emanating technology for each board his plate. The hybrid car.

Let start the fight!

Hey, but wait. To be a fair fight, not to become a slaughter in true Texas style, it is our duty as moderators from the playing field. And since the traditional car is an old dog, a veteran in such battles, we will give a chance to emerging hybrid car. a vote of confidence so we know what he is capable he deserves.

Among its main attributes are:

  • The hybrid car reduces the emission of polluting gases.
  • The hybrid car has a more efficient and resilient than traditional car engine (whoa straight left just fit the current champion!)
  • The hybrid car is quieter and powerful (and again put him on the ropes!)
  • The hybrid car has an iron with a more powerful and dynamic engine
And the traditional car kissing the canvas in the first round! Amazing! Nobody expected. However it would not be the first comeback we see these characteristics. It is a long battle and neither car seems willing to throw in the towel.

Second assault!

Let's see how is the defense of the hybrid car, our fiercest contender:

  • In the hybrid car is more complicated fix a fault
  • The hybrid car is heavier than the traditional car, so you spend more energy (face the hybrid car is covered with arms but fits a series of accurate right hands the champion!)
  • Batteries that uses the hybrid car are toxic (straight left to the ribs!)
  • For now hybrid cars are more expensive than traditional cars (what a cross straight to the jaw just fit the motorized pony!)
And falls to the canvas! Knocked out? No, it seems that the hybrid car gathers his courage wringing his youth and still reacts. However ... what are you doing? Three slaps on the canvas! Be pays! The hybrid car is out of action!
At the moment it seems that the traditional car continues to maintain its position as master of the automotive market, but surely the hybrid car will not pass up the opportunity to claim the title in an upcoming rematch. So while we wait to attend the next bout epic, warning to all managers and coaches: entrenad fighters to your car, and whether hybrid or electric, the best training is in car insurance . No bajéis guard and secure an victory!
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