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Tuesday, 19 July 2016

What are the aesthetic damage to my home insurance?

The arrival of summer has many good things, like we're going on vacation, but may also have some not so good as is the fact that we left home alone increases the risk of suffering some damage while we are not. But we know that not everything is in our hands and the truth is that there will always be things such as a water leak to generate a damage that must be repaired series even being present we can not control, such as it is. This is where enter, among others, no direct material damage, or what is the same, the aesthetic damage.

But what is an aesthetic damage?

The aesthetic damage or aesthetic restoration are the expenses necessary to restore the initial aesthetic composition of those elements that existed before the accident, which may affect the continent to content or both at once; thus, in the event of any failure to replace with identical goods or materials existing, it provides that materials having similar quality are used. Therefore the goal of coverage for cosmetic damage is to keep the design or prior to the loss of our home image.
An example to explain it would be that, in the aforementioned water leak caused by a fault in a pipe, has had to change part of the pavement we had put in the kitchen, as well as some other tile, and yet we are in the situation in the market and not those same tiles that had placed are made; so it would be in this case that the insurance company would have to install more similar tiles in quality, color and texture could find. Therefore, unable to replace the tiles for the same to be had, it was an aesthetic damage since there will be a difference that will be noticed more or less between the new tile and prior to breakdown.

Why is it important to consider cosmetic damage?

Very simple: to avoid having to pay the full repair of your pocket If you have an aesthetic damage covered by home insurance company will pay up to the limit established in the policy, compensation will include the cost of all materials. new as well as labor for installation.

Possible limitations to consider

  • Make sure your policy includes coverage for both content cosmetic damage to the continent before any unforeseen event that may occur, as is the aforementioned broken pipe, and not just to fire or to a meteorological phenomenon.
  • Maximum amount of money: it is important to know what capital for cosmetic damage you have hired your policy to ensure that compensation will be complete if you need it . There is a certain amount but the most common are between 1,500 and 3,000 euros, with an option to extend this capital in some insurers. If the budget "replacement" exceeds the contracted capital for cosmetic damage will be charged to your pocket as long as you give your consent
  • Exclusions: know what includes and excludes the contracted coverage "aesthetic solutions" is important, check with your insurer that is in your coverage exclusions for cosmetic damage.

One final note

There is an important point that you should keep in mind is that this coverage applies only to the insured, that is, if the aesthetic damage would sometimes you your neighbor, coverage will not apply to him. Of course your home insurance (if you have it) covers damage to third parties through civil liability, but if you causases damage to your neighbor for a water leak the company is only obliged to repair the damage, but no damage aesthetic arising from it.

What is not in doubt is that the best way to protect our home is making a home insurance, possibly including cosmetic damage, to ensure that our house is always the way we want. So if you're going to hire a Home insurance account with us to offer the best services at the best price, we will ensure that your home is protected at all times.
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