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Saturday, 23 July 2016

What differentiates the Permanent Disability Total Disability?

In the insurance field often terms related to disability and disability appear. Understanding these concepts is essential to assess coverage and to know what rights we have when we hire insurance. But two important questions many people will come. The first concerns the differences between disability and permanent total disability are. The second is whether the terms disability and incapacity mean the same or are different things.

To the first question we will answer below. Before clarify the second: disability and incapacity are the same. This greatly simplifies us and the subsequent explanation.

That said, we differentiate the term "permanent invalidity" of the term "total disability".

Difference between the Total Permanent Disability Disability

The first thing to say is that these terms are incomplete. In fact, naming them by their full name and clear enough.

When speaking of permanent disability is talking of permanent disability; and when it comes to total disability you are talking total occupational disability.

The permanent disability is an irreversible physical condition that incapacitates a person to exercise any professional activity. In these cases, permanent disability coverage indemnify the insured when, after an accident, can not perform any professional activity.

Meanwhile, the total occupational disability refers to the inability to continue to exercise the profession that was performing when the accident took. In these cases, coverage indemnifies the insured when they can no longer effectively fulfilling the stated in the policy profession, even if the injury does not prevent him working elsewhere.

Take an example the case of a construction professional, after an accident, he suffers an irreversible leg injury that prevents you from doing your job. If your insurance has coverage for permanent disability, this person will not receive any compensation, since they can have other work (eg office). This professional would only receive compensation in case of total disability coverage.

Sick Vs Disability Disability by accident

Whether permanent or full, not always the same compensation is paid if the disability was caused by an accident or a result of illness. In fact, insurers usually offer more money when the disability is a result of an accident. Moreover, depending on what type of insurance coverage may only cover disability by accident. Although none want to see ourselves in this situation, check this is important.

In any, any claim for disability requires the submission of supporting documentation, including an assessment of the Medical Disability Assessment Unit (MUDV) of the Social Security, Ministry of Social Affairs or other competent body. In some cases it may also request a certificate from the Medical Inspection Area Social Security.
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