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Saturday, 23 July 2016

What is the coverage of serious illness?

Life insurance can include many additional guarantees. Coverage for serious diseases is one of them Already you know her ? Do you know what it is? In this article we talk carefully of this particular coverage and how it can benefit you.

The first thing to consider is that it is not the same as a permanent disability that a serious illness and therefore are treated within the life insurance as different toppings. The absolute and permanent disability, or total and permanent disability (for professionals) are situations where completely lost the ability to develop a work activity, and therefore, how to generate revenue. They do not necessarily imply a risk factor for death while other serious diseases occur.

As serious illnesses and in order to understand how this works in life insurance are understood:

  • Myocardial infarction
  • Surgical interventions for coronary artery disease.
  • Cancer.
  • The stroke.
  • Renal failure.
  • Transplantation of vital organs.

And what happens when we suffer a serious illness? If the insurance proceeds to pay the capital to be insured, ie is not necessary that the death occurs. However, we must keep in mind that this coverage is unique in that once it becomes effective, the insurance policy is completely canceled.

If you have been diagnosed with a serious illness, it is appropriate to communicate it immediately to your insurance company and, above all, you have clear what are the conditions under which this clause or coverage appears on your life insurance policy are.

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