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Sunday, 10 July 2016

Women at the wheel: 4 myths about women drivers

After keep awake the myths about motorcycle helmet today we come to defend the conductive women through various studies that determine that women drivers are not a danger, even though it seems to be a fact about which he satirizes and which have emerged thousands of jokes.
However, the issue have no grace and the time has come to fight and fight these false myths that say the woman behind the wheel is worse than man. Do not try not to say that women are better (far from it), simply from InsuranceRise.com, as experts car insurance that we are, we try to give some light to the subject and tell those studies that belie the myths always on women at the wheel.

Myth 1: Women are poor conductors

Well this is false because according to the latest statistics have confirmed that we are more careful behind the wheel than men, at least so says a study of Fundación Mutua Madrileña on road accidents. Overall the study noted that women often wear a constant speed, keep the safety distance and usually do maneuvers with greater prudence. Besides that 88% of women compared with 83% of men check your vehicle before starting trip. Another important fact highlighted in the report is that young people between 18 and 25 cause 50% more accidents than women of the same generation, a fact also confirmed by the DGT which asserts that women are much more cautious when driving the man, resulting in lower accident rate.

Myth 2: Women are dangerous driving

Closely tied to the first myth that has already been shown that it is not true with the statistics mentioned, yet the DGT also said that up to 79% of offenders in Spain are men compared to only 21% of offenses committed by women. Besides the UNESPA it found that women are much less accidents than men.

Myth 3: Women can not park the car

"Love is tell your girlfriend you parked well and quietly walk 20 meters to the sidewalk" read a joke was little in the social network Twitter. Of course exaggerated, the myth says that women tend to park at a distance of about 20 cm from the sidewalk. It is true that parking can be tricky ... but not only for women, for anyone, since it depends on the experience and skill of the person behind the wheel.
A study by the University of the Ruhr in Germany, thanks 65 volunteers of both sexes who lent him, determined after putting all of them at the wheel of an Audi with the task of park it, that women are not to park worse, but it takes a little longer. However the average for this time is just over 20 seconds; that is the more time it takes to park the vehicle. Some of the women attributed this time to genetics: they said that the breast difficult for them when to turn to look when they gave reverse.

Myth 4: Women do not know about cars and / or do not buy cars

A study by the rental company car Sixt says women influence up to 83% in decision-making with regard to the purchase of a family car, and we are the main buyers in buying markets secondhand.
Well there we have them, four false myths that you have revealed. The importance of caring for driving safety is of all things, so from InsuranceRise.com we encourage, are male or female, always extra careful when driving. Also, if you want to be always protected you should retain your car insurance with us, you will have the best professionals at your service.
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