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Friday, 15 July 2016

You have to turn off the tap

It may be a phrase you remember having heard often when you still lived in your parents ' house, framed with the worst side of ferocity that was able to put your father while -mansamente- you spent a couple of notes below the table, under the watchful gaze even more fierce your mother, that although he had gained fame villainess of the Court -and with your father in the role of Robin Hood perfect, worthy winner of a Goya - and was not able to deny you everything you asked him. Hardly ever.
However it is possible that these few persons words, " you have to turn off the tap" follow you still pursuing today (and most likely now come from the new Royal Highness the kingdom. Yes, your wife). Or to be yourself which, following the legacy of your father, tell your children with your most tested scolding tone - "WE ARE GOING TO CUT THE GRIFFIN" -while doing them a transfer from the mobile phone ( of course, times change, but traditions remain). And it is a symbolic phrase, and full of meaning, memories (of fights with your parents, above) of a golden age of youth- and pasada- and debauchery, but hey, is that closing the tap also has a literal meaning Hey. Yes, you heard right .

The water was installed in my home

There are many and varied reasons that can be given the unusual circumstance that your floor gets all the concentrated melting icecaps, and of course, being flooded. Water and water everywhere. What a wonderful situation. For in this case we can use Poseidon, or some of his henchmen, who have full control over this powerful element colorless, odorless, tasteless and uncomfortable , when rampant for the living room but not sure they get it working (already knows, officials, is what you have). so the best solution will be to call the home Insurance to organize one expedition seabed of your home and rescued everything that could have survived.

What does my insurance in case of flooding?

Before you call your home insurance and start a fierce battle, you have some hints about what may or may not cover your home insurance. So you fight tooth and nail, but knowingly (and do not get caught in a revoke).
As for water damage, home insurance cover damage direct themselves insured property (whether or contents) default closure of taps and valves. For typical of what usually happens you're bathing the child and you'll warm dinner, you forget the retoñito in the water with the tap, a few long this is what David Meca, and meanwhile the water expands to conquer new territories.
But beware, it is very important when hiring home insurance, make sure it covers cosmetic damage , because to see if besides the disgust, you'll be halfway house ocher desert sand, and the other half, cerulean aged color soft, because there were tiles of the first to put 15 years ago.
Also keep in mind that kids today play very strange things (Call of Duty- Black Ops III, zombies hellhounds mode), and even can give them by checking the buoyancy of the cat. But quiet because this is also part of the -not little- extensive list of pranks of children covered by your home insurance.
So if your house pipes rebel and form an army of water , with your little devils as allies and intend to conquer every corner of your domains, fear not, for the best home insurance , will fight on your side.
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