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Tuesday, 4 October 2016

Home insurance also protects you when you are away from home

It will therefore improve competitiveness and attract customers who are increasingly offering coverage home insurance, many of which cover you when you are out. Although at first glance it does not seem to make much sense, at least, because they do not respond to the main object of what is home insurance, the fact is that these coverages can be very useful and interesting. In fact, for many of them you can not find a specific insurance is it can be quite expensive.

Home insurance coverage beyond the walls of your home

Here are some of these home insurance covers that go over the walls of your home and what their limitations are.

fraudulent use of credit cards

This coverage covers losses from fraudulent use of credit and debit cards and fraudulent use of checks, but only those belonging to the policyholder of people who reflect the policy.

The guarantee has a maximum time limit of fraudulent use of 48 hours (usually) because it is understood that in that time has given you time to cancel the card. All use exceeding two days will not be covered.

Although it seems that this coverage can be duplicated on the insurance card itself, the fact is that it is not. This insurance covers only the amount that exceeds the insurance guarantee from the bank to the maximum that is contemplated in the contract.

Heist outside the home

One of the coverages that can be found in some multi-risk home insurance is the holdup outside the house. The heist involves armed robbery. If it is a steal as a pull bag or a theft by neglect, this coverage is not responsible. In addition, the stolen objects must have been previously declared in the home insurance as part of the content. Moreover, the compensation shall be limited to those established in the general conditions of the contract.

Replacement of documents

Outside our stuff we are all exposed to theft of what we carry over. And if there is something awkward happens when we steal your purse or wallet is having to redo all personal documents (ID card, driving license, health card, and other renewable document). This coverage covers the costs of issuing copies or duplicates of these documents. It also covers the replacement of other types of documents you can carry, as the scriptures housing.

Did you think someone with this coverage tended to do? It would be nice, but no.


Civil responasabilidad of home insurance can reach beyond the problems that may arise at home. In fact, it can also cover some produced outside the home. With family liability coverage, home insurance cover can reach the antics of your children in a facility or problems that may cause your pet.

Theft and damage objects in hotels and holiday homes

Some also offer insurance coverage for insured objects when you are on holiday in quite similar conditions to those offered in the insured home. Yes, they have to be declared in the policy. It should also be borne in mind that may not be all inclusive in coverage (some companies exclude jewelry and money) or may be limitations on the indemnification if the theft or damage occurs outside the insured home.

Theft and damage while traveling

During trips and travel a lot can happen. When traveling, these incidents may be covered by travel insurance. But to go on vacation to the village, visit your family who lives a few hours away and spend the weekend away from home do not hire any insurance.

Home insurance can cover such damage and theft that can affect you and are not covered by your car insurance or other insurance. However, this coverage only applies when it comes to a transfer for vacation. The damage and theft that occurred for commuting or involving stays outside the home of more than three months are not included in this coverage.

Pay attention to what is really important

As in life everything is marketing, one can not help but wonder if such additional coverage is not offered to center the view customer in such advantages as novel and not on the limitations of the really important coverage.

Jokes (or not) aside, it is important that you do not be blinded by these coverages so striking that you check well and truly important your insurance coverage, its limitations and the amount of compensation.
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