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Wednesday, 13 January 2016

9 Tips to Keep Your Eyes Healthy

The eyes are the mirror of the soul, and every day to look the person you want, enjoy a good landscape or have fun with a good movie makes us think how important it is to preserve sight.

Our eyes are active since it woke us up and we went to bed, but certainly pay attention to them only when you have some discomfort. This is certainly a mistake as we discussed in IMO , the Institute of Eye Microsurgery.

Our eyes must be maintained at all times to avoid infection or other diseases. So let's put our grain of sand:

9 Tips to keep our eye care

  1.     See your eye doctor once a year. Just this simple gesture to have your eyes checked at all times. It is recommended to go 2 or 3 times, but if we have time, we can assert with.
  2.     Take foods that are good for the eyes as carrots. Look at what you eat, vitamins A and C and magnesium help develop the view much better.
  3.     Watch your glasses. If you take care of them wear glasses. See if the glass is damaged. They are going to make our view is correct, so give them proper maintenance so they are as new as long as possible. Remember, you have to clean wet and optical products.
  4.     If your glasses have thick glass, use an anti-glare to help eyes adapt better to the artificial lights and do not force yourself to focus.
  5.     Take care of your lenses. Use the appropriate liquid to clean them, and put them in a container that is free of bacteria. That if you remember that the liquid have to change daily. And never sleep with them on.
  6.     Use sunglasses when the sun bother you. Even in winter. Please note that our eyes are in constant contact with UV wearing eye and cause problems such as cataracts or retinal burns.
  7.     Your computer is always at a safe distance. If you do not respect the distances, reisenten eyes. Remember that at the computer, the distance is 50 centimeters.
  8.     Moisten your eyes. If you have dry eye, try to always carry saline to help you keep it moist.
  9.     From 40 it increased caution because this is when we have more eye diseases.
  10.     Loosely close your eyes and relax the eyelids. Tápalos a bit with your hands gently. If that feel swollen, use cold compresses. 

These are just some of our advice, you would add any more? 
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