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Sunday, 10 July 2016

Five tricks to ride a motorcycle safely

When motorcycling the most reliable way to ensure your safety is a motorcycle insurance , however there are a number of tricks you can follow when you ride your bike to not need this to protect you. Common sense and good driving is your best insurance in many cases, still from we always care about you, so today we will give you those tips you need to, if you do not know, you use them to drive safer, smoother and up faster your bike.

Stabilize your bike with the rear brake

This trick will be very useful in heavy traffic on the road, and you'll have little room to maneuver between cars, so your balance may be jeopardized and therefore you may end up falling. In this situation the accelerating and braking suddenly destabilize your bike and you, and the brake is very powerful and in these cases driving gently with your bike is most important, so the best you can do is use the rear brake keeping it lightly pressed although hasten the same time. Doing this will make the bike not be destabilized to accelerate or decelerate.

The rear brake and curves

As the bike to stabilize the rear brake also help take curves more safely because with the front brake your bike may be upright or lose inclination, so you do not adjust them to the curve and not the cruzarías correctly. The rear brake, your bike will give you the stability you need.

Speeding up down

It is not easy but worth it, you have to do is increase the engine revs at the right time in which the downshifting, the clutch engages, so that both forces converge because if done abruptly and actual speed of the wheel does not match the engaged gear rear wheel could even be blocked.

Go right and turn left

This trick usually use much motorists, indeed, may already do without realizing it because it is also cycling, so it is something that almost all have inculcated from childhood (you know the saying that riding bike never forget). With the bike works the same: to lean the bike to the right what you do is turn the handlebars to the left (and vice versa the same). If so how you do it now you just have to perfect it.

Use your legs to stop

To make it hard braking tighten the legs on the sides of the tank so as to control the braking inertia. You can also incorporate slip adhesives for better grip and better control braking.
So here are the five tips that we hope will make your ride safer bike when you go on the road. If you have any more to contribute feel free to share your own tips with us and other readers, and if you want to hire a motorbike insurance use our multitarificador to get the best services for you and your bike at the best price.
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