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Saturday, 9 July 2016

How to avoid being robbed the car (I)

Some time ago you were explaining what was the procedure to follow if an evil alignment of the stars you steal the car. And the " what to do if someone steals the car " is something that many people do not arise. Usually typical that only happens to others, and when the end and unfortunately you look at the matter, do not know how to act.

Top tips to prevent theft of my car

Luckily today, and to prevent you from having to face proceedings for carjacking, we bring you a few tips that may be useful to save the stolen car and the bad time that entails, and take the chance, also keep you remove anything inside.

Tip 1 to avoid being robbed the car: be sure to close doors and windows

Sure just we descubriros a world unexplored, but it is important to go from strength to strength for anyone to be lost along the way. How close the car is obvious but necessary, so do not forget guys.

Tip 2 to avoid being robbed the car: park it in a garage

The second difficulty level to avoid being robbed and the car requires a certain level of management. And economically, because of course, not everyone can afford a garage every month, and given the choice between paying the garage or the car, it may be more practical steering wheel with maximum possible.

Tip 3 to prevent steal your car: If you park on the street, which is in different places

This advice is not very useful for those who are elusive memory, but seeing the positive side, you can avoid being robbed car thieves taking and stimulate certain cognitive areas with a single exercise. It is not too bad.

Tip 4 to avoid being robbed the car: Always check insurance as soon as you mountains

The fact that you're in does not necessarily mean not going to steal the car. One must be careful when driving city, especially at traffic lights when it is too easy for thieves open doors or reach through the window to steal valuables. And it will take a push and the car takes. So I airecito conditioning and safe cast, much better.

Tip 5 to prevent steal your car: do not leave valuables in sight

Because obviously, handbags, wallets, electronics of all kinds and other heavy artillery are very succulent and juicy for petty thieves. So if it is essential to leave some valuable amount inside the car, try to be as Escondidinho possible. And if you open the car, at least a little time looking for are thrown, to see if the cops come while.

These tips may seem a bit basic to you to prevent you steal the car, so we have prepared a second set of advice to try to satisfy your expectations. But if you're expecting is a magic formula to prevent car theft and also rejuvenate and generate profits, unfortunately you will have to keep waiting. And while you can hire the best car insurance , just in case these of advice they give for not working. 
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