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Sunday, 10 July 2016

Tips to avoid a motorcycle accident

When you take your bike and go out on the road it is very important to take precautions and measures to safe driving and it does not take any spider sense as Spider-Man, only a little common sense. Although sure you already know, still a little help never hurts, especially if you're a novice with the bike, so today we will give you some s essential tips for you guarantee your safety when you ride a motorcycle and can prevent motorcycle accidents.

Modera speed when motorcycle mountains

Speeding is the main cause of motorcycle accidents as there are machines with exciting performance with features that allow accelerate from 0 to 100 km per hour in less than 5 seconds, besides being able to reach speeds much higher than those allowed on the roads traditional. Of course these bikes are not for everyone, but still any bike with a normalitas performance is able to reach high speeds without the appropriate security measures, can lead to accidents with serious consequences. Therefore, always moderates the speed of your bike and avoid accidents.

Anticipation mounts maneuvers when motorcycle

The anticipation of the maneuvers is essential to have a safe driving and prevent motorcycle accidents. You must let impulsivity at home and sneak attentive to what happens around you, do not let this dominate you and you're done doing something wrong that road, it can be fatal. All your maneuvers when riding a motorcycle must be fluid and precise, avoiding unnecessary risks and complicated situations.
In order to make a good advance maneuvers motorcycle first of all take by flag responsible driving and, second, to test your skills on a motorcycle in a circuit to see how you react to challenging situations with your reaction to high speeds, but always within a controlled environment.
In these circuits you can experience real situations that, although not legally permitted, may give awareness that can occur and how to react to them with your bike. So you're ready for everything, you know you and your bike and avoid accidents.

Good maintenance prevents motorcycle accidents

One of the biggest culprits of motorcycle accidents is the lack or difficulty reaction capacity and this much involved your own abilities but also the state of the bike as a bike that does not have a good maintenance is twice dangerous and puts   endanger the driver. Between having a good maintenance of the bike stands have in very good condition tires and shock absorbers because if they are not well maintained cornering can be very dangerous and cause a bad fall off the bike.

Watch your bike and blind spots for drivers

The blind zones of drivers are the areas on both sides of the vehicle and go unnoticed for driver's eye despite mirrors. These areas should therefore avoid motorists because drivers of cars need to turn your head to see if anyone in these areas before changing lanes and, if they do not and they are there, can embestirte.

Use bright colors when motorcycle mountains

For you see (inside and outside the blind zones) is very important to wear clothes with bright colors to improve visibility to other drivers may have of you. If you wear appropriate clothing for motorcycling attention - grabbing will be easier than those who come behind you see and therefore respect your presence on the road, preventing motorcycle accidents.

The importance of the environment to drive your bike

Of course the climate and the environment when you grab your bike and take it out to the road also has, as for example rain adherence to the road is much lower, causing an increased risk of accident. To find out what makes rain situations you can read our article Tips for safe driving your bike in the rain , but above all do not forget to drive carefully when weather conditions change.

Choose a bike that fits your physical abilities

Finally you must choose a motorcycle according to how are you physically, because if you take a bike too big and heavy or has a lot of power may your weight and corpulence you problems. You must pick a bike that you are supported, and if you add an element of risk to driving motorcycle as not quite right to control the vehicle, you are putting your safety at risk.
Now you know, so we hope sorry aware and have given clues about what steps to take to avoid accidents on the road when you ride a motorcycle. For everything else not forget to have hired a good bike insurance to protect you no matter what, and do not forget that the best of all you can hire with
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