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Sunday, 10 July 2016

Tips to protect your skin in winter

Our skin is very important, protects us and is also representing us (us and our age), why it is so important to keep it well maintained. We wrote about skin care in summer , so now we will take it's cold to give you some tips to protect your skin in winter.
We guarantee that the advice that you will give can spend this time of year with minimal damage to your skin, which is very sensitive and that with the cold, can irritate and strains occur So now you know. Like she protects you, you must protect her; It is essential to ensure good health .

cover her well

Before the cold the best way to protect and care for our skin is covering it as much as possible to not having it exposed to wind, rain, snow and generally low temperatures. Luckily accounts with multiple accessories like wool hats, mittens, scarves, etc. for everyone to help us go warm and always protected with very good taste.

right temperature

Although it 's cold should not abuse the heating, since an excess of it can cause dryness in your skin and your mucous membranes (the first barrier protection against infections such as common colds or flu). Therefore it is recommended to maintain a temperature of between 20 and 21 degrees.

Avoid sudden temperature changes

Attached to the above advice, it is very important to avoid whenever possible sudden changes in temperature so that your skin does not dry out too much. Thus even if you get cold prevents near a radiator or a stove lit by the winter cold again.

move on

We know that winter gives more laziness but can take advantage of winter sports to keep fit (take a look at our article " Let the cold do not remove the desire to get in shape! ") And that exercise is good for the skin as it invigorates the body and allows our skin to perspire and remove dirt from the pores, as these dilate. Of course it is still winter, so also protect yourself from wind and cold.


We know that we do not feel cold drink water because we have no heat, so do not feel that physical necessity that drives us to it. Still you should keep drinking the greatest possible amount of water to keep your skin hydrated and smooth; also it is not bad to help her with some moisturizer to strengthen hydration of it and help keep it healthy.
The best creams are those containing components "wetting" as they attract water into the skin and components occlusive effect, generating a barrier that prevents water evaporation through skin.

Council for sensitive skin

Hand advice that moisturize your skin, you also advise you if you have a skin reactive character that irritates easily at this time of year, you consult a pharmacy for advice right products for your skin, as there anti-redness creams and specific care to calm aggression suffered by our skin in winter.

more vitamins

Add vitamins to your diet, using nutritional supplements with antioxidants of group A, B, C and E, which help improve the care and appearance of the skin. In addition you can also use makeup with vitamin C to help better care.

Reduce alcohol and snuff

Especially in winter you should reduce the consumption of these two substances because at this time of year, cold, further reduce the superficial vascularization in the epidermis, so it could contribute to increased irritation and dehydration.

Now you know: health comes first and should not neglect the care of the skin to keep it healthy, and if you also want to have the best professionals and a team of dermatologists, be sure to hire a health insurance you of tranquility always have the best medical care at your service.
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