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Saturday, 23 July 2016

What are the differences between life insurance and accident insurance

Life insurance and accident insurance have some similar coverage, but essentially are two different insurance, on the other hand, are complementary. In fact, to have complete coverage, in many cases it is advisable to have both insurance.

Then we will see what are the main differences between the coverage they offer life insurance and offering accident insurance.

Partial disability coverage

And total disability coverage is offered both life insurance such as accident insurance, partial disability coverage only find in accident insurance. In these cases, accident insurance have few scales on the compensation based on the sustained contingency, which is applied to the stipulated percentage of the sum insured of the policy are calculated.

Death or disability from any cause

Only life insurance covers death or disability from any cause either disease, stroke, suicide -a from the first year, or accident. Accident insurance only covers the death or disability in case of accident, whether work, movement, etc. Some accident insurance also cover death and disability due to myocardial infarction and / or stroke.

Medical expenses per accident

Health care costs of insured accident insurance only covers accidents.

Compare prices

As only provides coverage in case of accident, accident insurance is much cheaper than life insurance.

Accidental death or disability

This is the coverage they have in common both safe, although it is true that life insurance can be contracted double death crash capital and capital triple death in a traffic accident. However, in some accident insurance, compensation in the event of a traffic accident that account for half the compensation for other accidents.

Vs Life Insurance Accident Insurance

The decision to hire one or another insurance depends on the needs of each perceived risk and what you want to pay monthly or annually by insurance. In any case, both are complementary insurance, and you can even find life insurance and accidents combined offering us the advantages of both types of coverage insurance.

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