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Saturday, 27 August 2016

Can you get life insurance without charge?

A few days ago it came to light a very interesting news. In 2014, 151,539 people discovered a life insurance of a family. If these people discovered this was because they looked at the record he created in 2007 the Ministry of Justice, whose main function is to prevent these life policies remain uncollected by ignorance of them by beneficiaries.

Since its inception, almost a million people have benefited from this service, and thanks to him have been able to collect insurance whose existence unknown. Since 2007, this record has processed 2,410,298 applications, 382,421 of which were processed in 2014.

However, it is still possible that life insurance is left uncollected. Let's dig a little on this issue and I will explain why.

How to know if you are a beneficiary of a life insurance

If you think you can be a beneficiary of a life insurance you can go to check the registry when they have passed on January 5 working days from the death of the holder possible. You'll have to attach the death certificate and fill out an application.

With this, the registry will issue a certificate stating that the insurance had hired the deceased. With this certification should go to the insurance company with which the deceased had contracted the policy to know if the person concerned is the beneficiary or not.

The insurer does not have to reveal the identity of the beneficiary

If this is the case the insurance beneficiary is not the person submitting the certificate, the insurer is not required to disclose who really is the beneficiary of the policy.

Therefore, if the person concerned no consultation, no charges. And although usually the beneficiaries are usually the heirs or the current partners of the deceased, you never know who might have remembered you, or who may have forgotten to retire as a beneficiary, that all there.

If in doubt about what you have hired question

If you have questions about what life policies you have hired, you can request information from the Ministry, which issued an information note.

Information requested officially by notaries

Many of the requests for information registration were issued by notaries, who do own initiative when dealing with an inheritance process.
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